Let's Face This- Facebook!

We all are celebrities and the credit goes to Social Networking Websites. We have friends from across the globe and people follow us. However, nothing changed our life like Facebook. But now Facebook has to change as Google is at the verge of launching Google+
Why Facebook needs a face-lift:
  1. Google+ will be more graphical and is going to be based on the concept of circles. Circles will be categories of people on your network like family, colleagues and friends; you can make as many circles as you wish. There will be circles on your page rather than a list. Friend suggestions by Google+ will be outside the circle. You can add people by dragging their name into the circle and delete them by dragging the name out of the circle. On deletion names will burst like a cloud of smoke (more fun visually).
  2. In Google+ you will have the option to control your profile view for different people. The best thing is you can see how your profile will look to a particular person by entering their name in the given box.
  3. Videoconferencing will be available in Google+ and you can add up to 10 people at a time. It will be a virtual hangout.
  4. Google+ will give a unique feature ‘Sparks’ in which you can choose your areas of interest say entertainment and you’ll receive latest information on entertainment in your news feed as links.
  5. For logging out, all you have to do is click your name on the screen.


    1. Google+ is out on trial basis and if you wish to create an account on Google+, submit your email address on the following link and you will receive news from Google as soon as they launch Google+


    2. But don't you think Google + would just be way too much social networking? I mean there's Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Skype and the likes already existing, which already lead to an overload of information in our brains! :/
      Ah, I hope I don't get hooked to the Google + bandwagon.

    3. I think people do create profile on many platforms but they actually use 1 or 2 actively, say Facebook and Linkedin. Also, we get bored of technology pretty soon. Once everybody was on Orkut and then people started using Facebook. Many don't use Facebook after twitter. If there is something new in the market, we should try it.
      Give it a shot, maybe you'll like it.

    4. yep there was need for something fresh :)

    5. Hey Saru!!

      am not too excited about g+ as yet....i am still hung up on facebook :) i need a bit of more convincing than some circles..

      ps: thanks for sparing time for my photoblog...apologies i am moving the blog to http://24x7clicks.blogspot.com


    6. @Chintan- Even I love Facebook but still wanna try G+. Sure, I will be following your blog.

    7. I think when there's more competition out there we'll get a good product ultimately...Let's see what g+ has to offer...

    8. Thank you for the link. I watched at BBC about Google+ but didn't know it was already on trial.
      You blog is very beautiful!

    9. facebook replaced orkut. G+ might replace facebook. Nice blog :)

    10. @Dhiraj Thakur- Right, competition works in favor of consumers.

      @Ana- Thanks Dear.

      @Abhishek- :)


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