On a May Day!

Love so gratifying, love so profound
Love at its height, love, I found
It was the season, it was May
Air spoke of love, it was raining every day
Stars didn’t come, they went out to romance
Clouds sheltered them, showing their stance
Morning schemed passion, evening, was on fire
Sensed like everything brimmed with desire
Should I say or else keep quiet?
For my man will laugh on my plight
It happened in summers, I loudly say
I fell in love on a May day!


  1. Lovely....

  2. Love is such a beautiful feeling that it makes everything appear superlative, even words. Thanks for the appreciation Abhinav and Jay.
    Keep Visiting...

  3. "Morning schemed passion, evening, was on fire"- beautifully strung words.

  4. Sigh. Beautiful love. Beautiful words.

  5. Wonderful poem, very beautiful ..
    Loved the last line, "Love needs no reason and no season"

  6. BEAUTIFUL. :) I really loved the way you started the poem. I know, this really deserves a lot more. Have you already posted this on IndiVine? If you didn't, submit it now.

  7. Saru, you are quite the romantic. For sure. I really liked the way you have intertwined nature, time and emotion to create something unique, about a subject on which tomes have been created since humankind began to use some form of a language.

  8. @Sameera- Thank you...

    @Zeba- Thanks Dear!!!

    @Aakash Kokz- Thanks Aakash:)

    @Harsha- Thanks Harsha and I did that long ago...:)

    @Shesha Chaturvedi- Thanks a ton Dear!

    @Anish- Thanks Anish for such a wonderful comment:)

  9. Me... me... i found ma love in the month of may!!! wow... thanx 4 this. :) i could relive the entire may month reading your post. As against the usual sunny weather, my may month was rainy... :)

  10. @r_Phoenix- Great...:) I am thrilled to know someone apart from me who found love in May:)

  11. Same pinch..I fell in love on a rainy day too.

  12. i meant a rainy day in May

  13. Beautiful flow of words to express a unique love story::)


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