Strolling towards a Better Life

Walk towards a better life, I heard someone say, a few days back. And he meant it literally. Walking, as we all know is the most common exercise. It is arguably the easiest way to keep a check on someone’s health, as it burns calories, thus tuning the cardiovascular system. We have heard many stories of how people followed a simple 30 minutes walking routine to keep themselves in shape.
As being fit is a personal choice and is often followed by other caveats like mood, time and motivation,  going for a walk every day is not something which is being followed by everybody religiously. Then how does one overcome this challenge to be excited enough to go for a walk?

To counter the mood element, technology has come to our rescue. Switch on the music on your phone, mp3 or iPod, plug in the earphones and you are all set to pace forward.
However, time is often cited the biggest obstruction in the walk plan. For those who don’t have much time, experts have suggested dividing 30 minutes into shorter periods of at least 10 minutes each. For instance, use stairs instead of an elevator, get off bus one or two stops early or park your car at the far end.
To overcome the motivational aspect, the new concept of ‘Walking Group’ has evolved. Celebrities like Martina Navratilova have encouraged people to form groups and it has a multi-dimensional effect.  Not only it gives you motivation and company, it also rejuvenates your social life, compelling you to do better.

To put everything in perspective, three hindrances which we analyzed are nothing but a mindset issue, yes, even time. When we are committed to anything, we make every effort to fit that into our busy schedule. Why not we first try and change our mindset? No, it’s not going to be a thought-process exercise, just replace the word “walk” with “stroll”. Strolling, by definition, is to go at a leisure pace. The word stroll has a nicer tone to it; it sounds more of fun than an obligation. It will ensure that for those 30 minutes, you take a break from your routine to recharge yourself. So, wear the right mindset and stroll. Erase the word walk and replace it with a stroll. To conclude, I would say, Stroll towards a better life.


  1. Like , superlike... People generally couldn't adopt this habit coz they dnt get company sometimes, but seriously if one starts enjoying his own company, then surely walking or, better to say strolling is not a big job... i just go out walking weneva i get tym, jst one has to enjoy himself, n small little things on your way, which we miss in this fast forward life...

  2. True, We must first understand that it's our life and we are responsible for every bit of it. So, instead of making excuses, we should make efforts. Changing little things here and there will make our lives more enjoyable.

  3. Hello Saru, Its really a lovely article... And Kashish you are right...

    One more motivational factor is that many of people cannot think of, sorry cannot feel of. Because it is a feeling. I don't go for a walk in morning due to my odd schedule. But many times I go for a walk in morning, its feels really awesome, because of calm, cold and pure atmosphere, the real nature. I love the breeze blowing on my face while walking or jogging, birds creeping, its really a nice feeling, and after sometime when sun rises, i enjoy the sun, and that sunlight which is full of Positive energy fills up my body, this we have to feel, it will add a positive energy to our body and souls... Nice article, keep on posting such interesting articles, will be looking forward to It... Keep Smiling. :)

  4. Yes Jay, It's very difficult to manage time, life is super fast these days. However, we must try and fit good habit like strolling in our busy schedule. Glad to hear that we go for 'stroll' in the morning.
    Keep Visiting...

  5. this is a good post on a simple yet important topic - walking.
    and he way you split the things into 3 aspects and spoke on each one individually with some good insights/ very -do-able suggestions for each i liked that

    1. Thank you Sujatha for reading it. No one likes to read my articles...:(

  6. @Saru: how can you say this- I liked it..and the latest thought of your, how nicely n how wisely you expressd your thought-I would say *marvellous*

    My recommendation: write article when you want to share your thought universally...:)

    For Tharki man bawra- you handled everyone well-for this I want to say....Cheers!!)


    1. Thank you Mithlash for liking the article and for an encouraging comment. :) :) :)

      And, Cheers to Tharki Man Bawara !!!


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