Inhumed in Rumi and You

Old unread books
Tucked far away in the wooden cabinet
Dust piled up like memories
I tied my hair
Assimilated the fragments of courage -
From our shiny past
And stepped towards it
I opened it and picked your favorite
You recited Rumi's poetry from it
While I stared at your expression
My head on your chest
Ceiling fan blowing our cotton curtains
Every Sunday ended as a chapter of my book
That book celebrates neither you, nor me
It holds the sand that passed through the hourglass
And turned into gold
After your left 'forever'
I treasured that gold
Left these books unattended
Today as I held your favorite book
It mocked me
It is buried under the dust
And, I am still covered in the earth
That blew after I buried you

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  1. Wow! Brilliant n beautiful :). "It holds the sand that passed through the hourglass" :)

  2. Enchanting years passed! Nicely written!

  3. Beautifully written and so deep !

  4. magical poem, beautifully written

  5. "It holds the sand that passed through the hourglass
    And turned into gold" Profound! Such a beautiful composition, Saru!

  6. Beautiful words..holy grain of truth spelled with so much power and emotions. I love his quotes:)

  7. That was a beautiful composition Saru, touching the harsh reality of life!

  8. What a heart-wrenching verse... loved the emotions encapsulated in it <3

  9. You have a way with words! Loved it!

  10. Impeccable, it touched the right chords of the heart <3

  11. Plaintive yet beautiful. It's like nudging the already healed wound.

  12. So lovely words

  13. Soulful. Thats all I can say. Mocking memories, personified things.

  14. Beautiful Lovely written...
    Recent Post शब्दों की मुस्कराहट पर कुछ अधूरी सी कवितायेँ पुरानी डायरी के पन्ने:)

  15. wonderful Rumi is my favorite

  16. Reading this poem stirs inexplicable emotions. Great.

  17. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading :)


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