10 Valentine's Day Gifts For Husbands That Make Perfect Home Decor Items (Later, Of Course)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While men fret over the price tag on gifts, women are confused as what to buy for the men in their lives. There are limited gifts available for men. Are you tired of picking shirt, perfume or wallet year after year? Personally, I find these items really boring. Wouldn’t it be great to gift them some cool stuff that doesn’t end up in a cupboard after a week? Something personal, creative and fun! This Valentine’s Day I’ve picked these gifts that will accentuate both the day and relationship. And we can use them for home decor later. Win-win, right? These gifts are elegant and score high on cool quotient. Without further ado, let me share the list of Valentine’s Day gifts from igp.com I feel are perfect to make the day special and can light up the home all-year-round -

This is the coolest gift on the website - Red Harley Davidson Collectible. I am gifting it to my husband. It’s a manly gift. It’s different and makes a perfect piece to adorn the side tables. There are other collectibles on the website - planes, bikes and vintage cars. Choose the one that suits your budget and style.
Price - INR 1735

Use it for holding a wine bottle. Or be creative and add a plant or book to make it a centerpiece on a coffee table. This bottle holder is contemporary to go with your living room decor or study. It’s fancy and useful. In my opinion, the antique look of this bottle holder is to die for!
Price - INR 990

For your travel enthusiast and explorer husband, this Brass Nautical Navigation Tool Set is a perfect gift. The trinkets can be placed together or separately at various places in the house. He would love to keep it on his desk, while you can decorate the bookshelf with it.
Price - INR 1425

Whether you smoke or not, this gift is too hot to miss. Buy a few and use them as a candle holder. There are tons of designs to choose from. It can be used for Diwali and Party decor. Men would surely appreciate the quirky designs and quotes on this one.
Price - INR 325

This easy on pocket and high on fun personalized coasters are super fun. Add a picture, choose soothing colors and design, and make his day special. If this is your first Valentine’s together, this is a perfect gift. You can use this gift daily. So, it’s money spent well.
Price - INR 340

This set will add a royal touch to your table. With intricate design and quality finish, it can be used for Valentine’s Day get-together or later during the festival season. You can serve and brag about it to your friends and family. Of course, it would please the man in your life.
Price - INR 5325

This quirky gift would tickle his funny bones and would be a highlight wherever you choose to place it. Go with the text available or use your own. Whether you share a drink or not, this gift would make a perfect memory for years to come.
Price - INR 570

Ditch greeting card this Valentine’s Day and choose this personalized message tile instead. Unlike greeting card, you can place it somewhere where it’s visible. It looks classy and goes well with in your book cabinet, bedside table or in the foyer.
Price - INR 425

Notch up your tea or reading experience with this mug and cozy cushion. Place this cushion and mug where you drink tea in the evening or read newspaper in the morning. Put the picture of the two of you - pick the one from your honeymoon. Add a personal message to make it special. This would be a daily reminder of your romantic days.
Price - INR 745

Bring the memories alive with the photo cube. Add multiple pictures and message to make it special for your partner. It looks better than a photo frame. Choose this multi-dimensional display of pictures over the linear photo display. It’s colorful, fun and unique.
Price - INR 645

These gifts are affordable and high in quality. Click on the name and buy these products on igp.com. #GiveGiftsNotExcuses this Valentine’s Day.

P. S. - Which one is your favorite from the list and why? Best comment wins IGP voucher worth INR 500. The winner will be announced on 14th February.

P. P. S. - The winner is Subhorup Dasgupta. Congratulations!


  1. Brilliant ideas Saru . Kaash Meri wife aapki post padh leti .

  2. बहुत अच्छे आयडिया दिए है आपने। धन्यवाद।

  3. Awesome, let me send this post to my Wife jee... :)

  4. The personalized anniversary coasters would be my favorite if the missus planned on getting me something. They are utilitarian and not decorative or just a collectible. They do not directly endorse smoking or drinking. They mark an important milestone and set goals for more. And for strange times, you can always use a sharpie or pour hot coffee on them. :)

  5. wow :) Good list Saru :) Personalized message on tile is a good one!

  6. My favorite gift from the list you have give is the Unique personalized photo cube . It is a perfect way to showcase the favourite pictures with personal message to create a lovely personalised photo gift and keepsake for every home.


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