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As avid travelers, we not only plan ahead, we also save ahead. For our two annual vacations, we save and invest methodically. But sometimes, even after meticulous planning, we have to skip a few activities for short of cash. Like - on our last trip to California, we gave up on a few activities. After all, all we have is a fixed income! There is no other source which can enable us to spend a little luxuriously. Like - taking a sunset cruise in Lake Tahoe or booking a suite in a five-star hotel on our anniversary. Watch this video, I felt as if I was sailing in the same boat as these girls. I too need #IncomeKaTopUp for splurging every now and then. As we all know - investing rather than saving is always better!

If I have #IncomeKaTopUp, I would indulge in things I otherwise abandon. With annual inflow, I would spend the extra money to my heart’s content.

For Our 10th Wedding Anniversary -
Our vacations are sponsored by my husband, but I’ve promised him a trip on our 10th wedding anniversary. I have made investments for a sum that would cover airfare and stay. However, there are many more expenses on a trip - visa, food and sightseeing, to name a few. To meet such expenses, it would be helpful if I get some extra cash. It would help us to be a little extravagant and add special moments. Maybe, book a  suite in a five-star hotel or book a yacht to watch the sunset. With the additional money, I can make that trip extra special for him.

For the Home Gym -
We are a nomadic couple. We move frequently. Thankfully, we have a place that we can all our own. We bought it shortly after our marriage. I keep on saving and investing to buy all the necessities, though. That being said, I know inflation will suck up the money and we have to shed extra or postpone a few of the household items when we would move-in. Some supply for extra cash would come in handy to give shape to one of my dreams - a home gym. If the cash is not enough to buy the top-of-the-line treadmill, we can start by adding Exercise Bike, Dumbbells, and Yoga Mats. #IncomeKaTopUp would make sure I have a secured inflow to build the home gym I’ve been longing for.

Music System Upgrade for the Car -
Who doesn’t like long drives? It’s one thing that totally relaxes me, along with my favorite music. I want to have Bose Surround Sound system in my car down the line. Extra income from investment can make sure that I can fulfill this dream without a hiccup. And, there are many other things which I dream of, but never have investments for. #IncomeKaTopUp will ensure I can live life as it comes and I won’t have to compromise on the little pleasures of life.

To know more about #IncomeKaTopUp, check Exide Life Income Advantage Plan and get some extra money in your account for things you wish to do. Start by investing in this plan - pay the premium for the first half policy term and receive guaranteed annual income for the remaining.

Start investing and never compromise on things you want!


  1. Interesting.. a very well laid article!

  2. You got interesting plans there!!!Hope they get fulfilled. All the best :)
    Untraveled Routes

  3. I totally agree with you, Saru we need to save ahead to have those lovely vacations and grand celebrations. The guaranteed income of the plan by Exide is a good way of getting a 'income ka top-up', certainly.

  4. Investing is the smart thing to do :)
    Well expressed, Saru.

  5. You have some interesting plans up there. Hope they all come true :). Saving as soon as one starts earning is quite important. But then its always important to spend as well to have one's share of fun and enjoyment. I have heard of so many who end up saving and not enjoying or spending for themselves at all. And life comes to an end one fine day.

  6. @Everyone - Thank you for reading and sharing your views.


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