Support Men and Women Working on the Streets

Have a look around when you are at a traffic signal? When most of us are in our air conditioned vehicles, there are many who toil under the scorching heat to earn their livelihood. Without even a fan or a glass of chilled water, they struggle day-in-day-out. Raising mercury hits them the most - pressure to earn butter and butter for their family, dehydration and lack of empathy for people around them leads to their deplorable state. Those who empathize with them can’t translate their concern into actions. After all, it takes more than words to bring a change. So, do you ever #FeelTheHeat? If yes, do a bit from your side to bring respite to these hardworking souls on the streets.

To the Hawkers in your Neighbourhood -
Dehydration is a major problem in summer. Offer hawkers in your neighborhood a drink to beat dehydration - glucose, nimbu pani or sharbat. If that is too much, a glass of chilled water would mean a lot.

Donate Umbrellas -
Whenever there is a calamity, as a nation we pitch in. Read the statistics on death toll due to heat and you will be shocked to see the figures. Raise awareness among your friends and family, and organize a drive to collect money. You can use that money to donate umbrellas to the street vendors who seek shade. Unluckily there are not enough trees in most metros for all these people. And this endeavor would go a great length in easing their turmoil.

Support them by Buying their Products -
Nothing makes a better contribution than supporting them in terms of money. Buy fruits and vegetables from street vendors than an air-conditioned megastore. All you have to do is make a quick stop while driving back home. There are many such workers who need your support - earthen pot makers, vendors selling knick-knacks or the cobbler outside the railway station. Buy from them or use their services often. Don’t bargain unreasonably.

Reward your Workers with Summer Bonus -
If you are managing a household and employing help, reward them with special summer bonus, just like Diwali bonus. Reward the gardener or community watchman This will help them to buy a cooler or it can act as a contribution to their electric bill, and they can rest after a day’s work. In case you run an organization and employ manual laborers, you can make a difference in the lives of many this summer.

Start by doing any of these and make a big impact on the lives of those working on the streets.

#FeelTheHeat with #famestars - #GivingWeek

While the sun is scratching the life out of us in this extremely hot and humid summers, #famestar made an effort to feel the pain of all those people who carry out their day to day activities on the road during such extreme summers.

Take a look at these young #FameStars and their admirable effort to #Feeltheheat with these men and women. Be a part of #GivingWeek and support this cause.


  1. We definitely need to show a lot more compassion to those in need. Good post!

  2. they really do hard work for their existence

  3. sm1's hard work deserves respect, not pity. is he begging on streets? he or she is fighting out in open market n surviving.. water, umbrella, or buying out of pity is not gng to help thm.. a respectful attitude certainly will.. n that shd b enuf i suppose.

    dont get me wrong. im not against compassion. but nth is more hurtful to a self respecting person than uncalled for pity. i always give to bhikshuks n beggars. bt i dnt buy frm sellers unless i want it, genuinely.

  4. Great ideas, Saru. I donate umbrellas to the needy and try to buy products from the roadside vendors. Compassion towards fellow human beings can make this world a better place :)

  5. Nice ideas that will surely work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very apt points and workable too, to help people on streets, Saru. Water bottles and umbrellas would be a great and much needed help during scorching summers here in north India

  7. Amazing ideas Saru. Our one helping hand and make a significant impact on the lives of the needy. Why not make this world a better place to live in! :')

  8. Oh yes! Often we just neglect those around us who struggle. Even small gestures can go a long way in making their lives better.

  9. Can't agree more, time we reach out and choose not to ignore :)

  10. I never bargain with these less fortunate people.Thanks for sharing Saru.

  11. Yes, we have to be thoughtful

  12. What a lovely post Saru. It's good to be reminded to be thoughtful.

  13. Thanks for reminding us of simple things in life

  14. There is immense joy in giving and sharing. I really liked the idea of distributing umbrellas, and I shall surely do my part.

  15. A good reminder as well as motivating post Saru....

  16. Extremely thoughtful post. Somewhere we need to not do extraordinary things but just take small steps. Providing water in summer is such a basic but essential thing. Great post Saru. Wish everyone thought this way.

  17. @Everyone - Thanks for reading.

    @Saurabh - To each his own. I respect your opinion.


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