Go with Datsun redi-GO

I love thrill, speed, and long drives. Pack these three in one and we get a car. Now, not any car. If I love speed, I equally care for safety. As much as I care about long drives, I relish it only in comfortable interiors. So, as easy as it can get - I pick my car with a lot of discretion. I should be able to tick all the boxes - safety, comfort, mileage, ease of drive and looks. With so many conditions, it’s hard to zero-in on one car. But… hold your breath, a car ready to hit the road soon looks like a catch. I am talking about Datsun redi-GO. It has features that would appeal to everybody and has won me over already.

Comfortable from Within -

Sporty, stylish, and with neat lines; Datsun redi-GO has very sophisticated exteriors. But as I said earlier, I crave for comfort. It has spacious interiors. A good luggage room, much needed for long trips. A modern-digital dashboard that looks pretty jazzy to me. Now, that’s not all - power windows and more than one ways to tune into music - makes this car a winner. Yes, one can listen to music on Radio, CD, MP3, or by plugging in USB or connecting your devices into Aux-in. Plus, to beat the Indian heat, it comes with superior performance air conditioner. What more one can ask for!

Safety with Datsun PRO-SAFE 7 -

Datsun redi-GO has augmented brakes, a much-needed feature when you are driving in the congested city traffic and you have to hit brake within shortest distance. This quality is a blessing while driving in small towns. Not only that, it’s well prepared for crashes or even for the sharp turns. The exterior of the car has reinforced crash protection shell. The interior of the car comes with airbags and energy absorbing steering. Couple all these safety measures with a better view of outside for the driver and we get a car which meets all the safety standards one is looking.

Ease of drive -  

I must admit, I am a novice driver. I want all the prompts from my car. I can’t read mechanical signs. Datsun redi-GO is designed for laymen like me. It has 5-speed manual transmission for control, which makes the drive less bumpy too. To help me know the car’s requirement - it shows remaining fuel and that too, in terms of distance. You know when to go to the fuel station. It shows fuel efficiency to keep tabs on mileage. And, for better driving, it has shift indicator - helpful for drivers like me.
Now with these many features, it can surely beat the urban driving blues - both within the city or on the highway.

Where in India would you test it?
Ambala, of course! Let’s see how this car spins in the narrow streets and crowded roads of my hometown.
What would you test it for?
Ease of drive, safety and comfort are three things I would check while test driving this car. These qualities are much needed both for small city driving and for long drives.
Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. Isn’t it exciting! So, what’s stopping you? Head to your nearest Nissan showroom on June 7th and test drive this power packed vehicle.


  1. Its very beautiful car great price...
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  2. Nicely written. Wonder why the name Redi-Go.


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