A friend #NeverLetsYouDown

We hardly find someone who listens to us. I don’t mean - hear. I mean - listen. Like, they care for our words; they listen and don’t judge. To have such a person in our lives is a blessing. And, I am lucky to be blessed with such a friend. Nina - independent, creative, humble, and with a heart of gold. But to be a friend, we seek much more in a person than these qualities. There has to be a connection that binds us together down the road. Don’t you all agree? A connection that we build over the years. This connection is nurtured by the qualities of love, trust, and reliability.

I met Nina through a common friend at her boutique. Oh, I forgot to say, she is a successful designer. As an entrepreneur, she just wins you over. You can rely on her. She never fails to deliver and stays put on her promises. She is one of the reasons, I started my own business. It’s not only in the business matters but also in small things that often gets unnoticed, reliability is one of her best qualities. Be it lending an ear in times of stress or helping me out in a task - she is always there for me. She is my 3am friend!

I am not singing her praises without a reason. Eleven years is a solid testimony. There are many people who came and left in these years. She, on the other hand, has stood by me through thick and thin. I know, when I share a secret - she keeps it. When I behave irrationally - she understands. Best of all - she accepts me as I am. Such is our friendship - built on trust. I trust her completely, and I hope, she too has faith in me.

There have been times when we didn’t talk to each other for days or even months. But whenever there was a need, she did what I asked without asking a single question. Her love and support are unconditional. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I wonder how she manages so many roles and excels in all of them -  a successful entrepreneur, loving mother, caring wife, a true friend and the backbone of her family. And, the bigger wonder - how she manages to look like a diva! With every passing year, she looks even better. There is so much to learn from her. As a human being, she is an inspiration. As a friend, she #NeverLetsYouDown!

The next good thing to a friend is our phone. It’s with us 24X7. What if we get a phone that has the same qualities as we have in our friends - connection, reliability, and strength? Wouldn’t that be awesome! Try Lava Mobiles -

  • Superb connectivity anywhere, anytime.
  • Unflinching reliability as it has gone through a lot of tests - drop test, extreme condition test, and touch test. Just like your reliable friends, it will never fail you.
  • Long battery life and great performance under every condition. One thing for which you can totally trust this brand. Yes, it is as trustworthy as your best friend!


  1. You are lucky to have a friend like Nina.

  2. Such friends are priceless and be cherished like national treasure:)

  3. You're really lucky to have someone like that in your life. :)
    I really loved reading about Nina, it reminded me of one of my friends which reminded me that I have to talk to her right now. :D

  4. You are blessed to have such a good friend...

  5. A friend on whom you can bank is rare and you are indeed blessed to have one Saru:)

  6. Beautiful write-up, it's indeed a great blessing of life to experience true friendships in life like yours and Nina. God bless your relationship <3

  7. A good friend is worth more than all the money in the world.

  8. A true friend is as rare as a perfectly cut diamond. You are lucky to have Nina as your friend and vice versa... :-)

    Lava mobiles are pretty good, as I've heard.

  9. Great that you have a friend like her!

  10. You're really lucky to have someone like Nina in your life! A very well-laid post.. thoroughly enjoyed the read! :)

  11. Very few people have such friends. May your friendship remain strong and may it bloom !

    The Solitary Writer

  12. You are truly blessed to have friends like her :).

  13. @Everyone - Thank you so much for gracing this blog with your presence and for your wonderful comments.

  14. Wow ! What's a post ! Everybody who is having at least one such friend in his / her life can be considered as lucky in the real sense.

    Jitendra Mathur


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