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  1. So nicely worded, Saru.. Truly the symbolic expression of shallowness in Relationship!

  2. Deep thought in simple words beautifully presented, Saru.

  3. ...no love to weigh it down! What a beautiful thought! Love is indeed a panacea. A very beautiful idea indeed!

  4. .no love to weigh it down! What a beautiful thought . Really beautiful and meaningful lines Saru ji.

  5. Its awesome Saru! You expressed reality of life so perfectly :)

  6. How very beautiful and so true! Loved it:)

  7. Write a book Saru.....please do....weave a narrative that will melt many, that will leave your readers mesmerized. It is when I read masterpieces like yours, I realize what it means to be a 'writer'....You write on people's hearts. So so beautifully touching.....!

    1. Sometimes I don't feel like writing and in those times, comments like yours act as a guiding light. Thank you so much, Sunaina.

  8. Beautiful lines, Saru! Love the way it ends!

  9. One hell of a post. I read many of your writings (through FB). They are very unique. Including this one :)
    Sure, had there been any love left, the bag might have been forgotten in a while.


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