Musings - II

My skin talks to me for it waits for your embrace,
Wish could rest on yours for I have no better place.

*In the arms of someone you love, you’ll find the best resting place.


  1. Lovely Words Saruji... Keep It Up... All the Best... Waiting for more words from you... :) <3

  2. so pure and beautiful.. :)

    A suggestion : try to avoid posting so many posts on a single day.

    Weakest LINK

  3. @Jay- Thanks Jay and keep visiting.

    @Jidhu Jose- Few of my words are inspired by your great photography.

    @magiceye- Thanks for appreciating, your words encourage me a lot.

    @induravisinghj- :)

    @Rachit- I am glad you like it and thanks for your suggestion:)

    @SUB- :) The search for comfort ends there, I guess. Thanks.

  4. @Ayushi B & Santosh Bangar- Your words mean a lot!

  5. "ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum
    teri bahon mein mar jaaye hum"

  6. WOW..!! u might hav heard it a 100 times.. its superb.. :) :)

  7. *In the arms of someone you love, you’ll find the best resting place."...couldnt agree more..:)

  8. @Rajnish Tiwari, Sunil Padiyar & Sneha Sunny- Thanks.

    @Sujatha Sathya- One of my favorite songs.

    @Ms. Holla- This thought is so wonderful:)

    @India's no.1 blog- :)

  9. Beautifully worded. Emotions conveyed so well. Loved this post. :)

  10. kahin,,.. kaashh... but very true...

  11. Absolutely stunning... just a weaver of words!

  12. So true...Beautiful thought Saru....

  13. @deepazartz- Thanks Dear.

    @Spicy Sweet- Thanks for capturing the emotions. :)

    @a girl's diary- Thanks a lot!

    @Bhargav- I wish everyone find their resting place. :)

    @jaynthbusi- Delighted, thanks! Wish could attach a nicer picture:)

    @Dibakar Sarkar- Thanks for such a wonderful compliment.

    @Red Handed- Thanks, I'm still learning the art...

    @Angel- Yeah, Even I admire words with depth. Liked your recent post so much.

    @Neha- Thanks:)

    @Vyankatesh- Thats the beauty of a couplet, few words portraying beautiful emotions.

    @Katan Patil- Yeah, compliments keep the spirits up :)

  14. fall in love with ur words at the very first read. truly beutiful!

  15. You are passionate about writing... and i can feel it through ur words. you live ur life through ur words, beliving them that they are true. They have life. I truly appreciate what you've written i went through the first page, and i have to say.With simple words you dont just touch our hearts, but make them stay there.

    You've become one of my fav authors, and that is no easy feat ;)...

    I hope u create more of such everlasting piece of literature with the same passion. :) keep it up.
    Glad to have found u :)

    Take care and keep writing..........

  16. @ayushrastogi- Thank you so much. :):)

    @Thousif Raza- Being someone's favorite is very difficult. I am so thrilled after reading your comment. You made my day. Thanks!:)

    @Kumar Kusumesh- Thank you Sir.

  17. @संजय भास्कर- Thanks, I am delighted when someone is touched by my words!

  18. This could also be the thoughts of a baby unborn to the mother I felt :) Lovely musing!

  19. @Leo- That's a very nice perspective, now your words are inspiring me. Thanks Dear.

  20. soo lovely and touching..:)

  21. Ohh my god, how can you write so well!
    I feel so much connected, awesome :)

  22. @Animesh Ganguly- Again, I can't thank you enough...:)

  23. My apologies for I missed on sucha lovely post :)
    These words, they were so warm. Fab one, Saru :)

  24. @Risha Kalra- No need to apologize dear, I am touched that you're reading my old posts as well...Thanks

  25. Saru...its the day for your blog. I just cant get out of it and read something else...I love poetry and I am enjoying reading thoroughly yours. I loved your pictures with poems too..they both tell me about you. Thanks for these beautiful words.

    Cheers, Shaifali

  26. @Shaifali- Thanks a lot dear, I am on cloud nine after reading all your comments:)

    @Rahul- Thank you Sir, you appreciate my work so nicely...:)

  27. Ahh what can I say, I know how beautiful a feeling it is.. :)
    So nice to read your older posts, Saru :)

    1. Thank you Akshay:) It's always great to hear what you say. Thanks for gracing this blog.:)


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