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My poetry is not for foreplay. It's for after sex.

My poetry is not for foreplay. It's for after sex. When you'll light the Marlboro and move to your side of the bed, my poems will be the breath of fresh air in a room filled with smoke. But do not underestimate me. My poems won't be sweet, gentle or mellow. They will be brazen, brutal and bold. I will present them on a sharply-edged knife. The blood on the knife will be hot. Fresh from the wounds I don't allow to heal. You will take a drag from Marlboro - but served with my sinful words - you will feel as if you've snorted cocaine. You will not get high, though. You will see the world in a different light. Murky lanes leading to posh hotels, board rooms and high-rise apartment buildings. In one of those aesthetically decorated rooms, you will see a man f*****g someone's life just for a little pleasure. You will see him getting hard on someone's misery. A woman pleasuring herself while watching a wrecked home that she takes all credit for. To watch

Rewind - May 2022

I didn't write anything in April. I was editing my book and I stopped midway. I went to meet my family and completed other important tasks. I want to diversify my blog now. Perhaps speaking would be the next step. Let's see. I wrote the following couplet this month. I felt good. Date Published 05/25/2022 मुझसे दिखावे की उम्मीद मत रखना मेरी नफ़रत में भी तेरी मोहब्बत से ज़्यादा शिद्दत है 05/31/2022 पैसे पे नाचती है दुनिया सारी पर कमबख़्त सिर्फ़ तवायफ़ों के कोठे बदनाम है

Rewind - March 2022

This is what I wrote in March. Not very much. Still I am happy. I am doing what I want to do and simultaneously writing. So far, so good. Date Published 03/03/2022 मेरी ख़ामोशी का सबब वो समझ पाया उसके मेरे दुःख इतने मिलते-जुलते थे 03/05/2022 From all the wonderful things people can do with their tongues, it's a pity they choose to spew hateful words. 03/05/2022 There is a perpetual sadness residing in the deep recesses of poets' hearts. Like a landmine, it explodes when someone walks over it. The anguish, pain and destruction are enough to damage them all over again. And yet like a Phoenix, they rise only to be massacred again by someone they love. 03/09/2022 समाज की माने तो शराब पीने से औरतों का चरित्र कम होता है  और मर्दों का सिर्फ दुःख  कसम से ज़्यादा शराब पी कर भी इतनी बेतुकी बात कोई औरत नहीं कहेगी 03/14/2022 जनाब खुद जैसे खोखले इंसान को समंदर कह के आपने समंदर गंदा कर दिया 03/28/2022 There is a thing with unrequited love - the novelty of it never wears off, the intensity of

Rewind - February 2022

  I think February was the worst month in terms of writing. I read a lot, though. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is a good book. There are many takeaways to improve focus and productivity. I hope March will be better. And hopefully, I will finish editing my book this year. I finished it on October 7, 2020. Here's hoping for more reading, writing and growing while doing all that. Date Published 02/15/2022 सैलाब में डूब जाए हम वैसी किश्तियाँ हैं  किनारे पे रह के नुमाइश बनना मंज़ूर नहीं Love, Saru

Because our half-lived love story is killing me

Filthy, sleazy, destructive Often in cheap motel rooms That's where we made out That's where our love bloomed We were young and foolish But hell no! we were not plain We could only afford rum and coke With lust pumped up in our veins 'Fire and ice' is too posh Romeo and Juliet too lame You were a grenade I could put category 5 hurricane to shame It was a slaughterhouse Of innocence, promises and dreams At 21 and 23 We were two extremes But we did love With our heart, body and soul Whatever we thought love was It was out of our control Sometimes I think If I could relive my past I could hold you for 1 more hug I could make it last Do you think that too? Or was I a mere 20-something blunder Have you dined at our favourite restaurant? How long you kept my number? You run a marathon in my mind I think of you more than I should I wish I could clarify What you misunderstood Leave you a note Or shall I pick up the phone and call? Because our half-lived love story Is killing me

Rewind - January 2022

Health is wealth is the most underrated statement. I don't know how many have come to a point in life to understand the gravity of this statement. Being physically, mentally and emotionally healthy is the way of modern life. So always work towards it.  I am glad I wrote this much Hindi Shayari last month. It makes me happy. Date Published 01/02/2022 कुछ ऐसे ज़िन्दगी को तेरे जाने के बाद जिया बेपनाह इश्क़ खुद से किया 01/02/2022 पहेलियाँ बहुत सुलझाई है पर ज़िन्दगी जिस दिन तू समझ आ गई मान लेंगे कि इम्तिहान पास हो गया 01/02/2022 आज कल के आशिक़ रखते होंगे मोबाइल में तस्वीरें हम तो आज भी आँखों में उसकी उम्मीद लिए घूमते है 01/06/2022 आँखों से बेहते है झील से आँसू मन में समंदर सा तूफ़ान है जग, जग की क्या जाने हर बंदा खुद से परेशान है 01/08/2022 ना कभी अफ़सोस किया ना कभी कोई गलत काम किया तुझसे इश्क़ अगर गलती थी तो वो भी हमने सरेआम किया 01/10/2022 कपड़े मैंने उतारे हक़ीक़त उसकी सामने आयी 01/13/2022 बस एक भड़कती सी शाम हो और ज़ोरदार बारिश सा तुम्हारा प्यार मुझपे बरसे 01/14/2022 मैं तुम्हारे ल

Neel - The Avid Reader

There is a little boy His name is Neel Cuddly, cute and oh-so-warm His hugs feel He is a naughty boy He runs all day long Mommy often thinks Oh, what now Neel has done wrong? He loves water Splash-splash-splash he does In his massi’s pool With sun shinning above Daddy takes him in his car Car goes vroom-vroom-vroom Neel sits like a little prince Leaving no room Neel plays with daadi Big block train they make Chu-chu-chu-chuck train goes In between games they take 50-50 breaks Of all people Neel loves Gaurav Uncle very much Always chasing his uncle Like an adorable Donald Duck His dada and bua live far away They miss him oh-so-very-much FaceTime, WhatsApp, Phone calls That's how they stay in touch Neel loves to read Sometimes he reads upside down He goes to all bookshops In his little town And when Neel will be a big boy Mommy says he already is May he be so-so-so-much happy We all wish *I wrote this rhyme for my nephew Neel. 

Rewind - December 2021

2021 is finally over. It has been a year with lots of ups and downs emotionally. I'm glad it is over. A few things I wrote in December. Date Published 12/11/2021 मरने से साहब अब कहाँ हम डरते है   हालत ये है कि अब अपनों में भी पराया महसूस करते है 12/12/2021 हर ढलती शाम करती हूँ आपका इंतज़ार फिर से कीजिये ना एक बार इश्क़ बेशुमार 12/27/2021 इक हसीन लम्हें को यूँ बार-बार जिया तुम से ही बेपनाह इश्क़ बार-बार किया Hoping for a better 2022 and working towards it as well. Love, Saru