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'To You, Mom' won 1st prize in  'Tribute to Mom' contest on

'When Gabbar sang praises of Cashify and Baawri Basanti danced to his tunes' won 1st prize in #CleanUpCashOut contest on Indiblogger 

'Vodafone endeavors make NCR residents happy and the entire nation proud' is First Runner-Up in #CelebratingSuper contest on Indiblogger.

'Me + E = Meant to Be' won 'Moto E #ChooseToStart' contest on Indiblogger

'TinyOwl's Wisdom' won a prize in 'Food Tales with TinyOwl' Contest on Indiblogger

'O' Men ~ Get It Right' won second prize in #WillYouShave contest on BlogAdda

'World at my Fingertips!' won 3rd prize in 'Vodafone - Internet is Fun’ Contest on Indiblogger

'Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai' won the 'Most Popular Post' prize in Asian Paints contest held by

'5 Tips for Soft, Supple and Safe Baby Skin' won #SoftestForBabySkin contest on BlogAdda sponsored by Pampers

'From Envy to #Evion - My Vitamin E Journey' won 'Special Mentions' prize in Evion Contest on Indiblogger

Won a runner-up prize in 'Everyone has a reason to pray contest' by Cycle Pure Agarbathi

'Peach, Not Strawberry' won a runner-up prize in 'Garnier Active Neem' contest

'Bridging The Gap...' won a runner-up prize in 'The Moral of the Story...!' contest from Colgate

'...And we twist' runner-up in 'WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!' contest on Indiblogger

'Braided Memories ~ Pages from my Diary' runner-up in 'Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids' contest

'Tress-Symphony' runner-up in 'TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair' contest on Indiblogger

Won a runner-up prize for the poem  'A Bowlful of Memories'

'The Invisible Woman' won a runner-up prize in ASUS contest

'SOS - Calling your own Krishans for help' won a runner-up prize in Smart Suraksha contest on BlogAdda

'Lemon, Spice and All Things Nice' won runner-up in 'Inspire A Fragrance' contest.

'Zipping through the Himalayas' won a runner-up prize in 'Perfect Road Trip' contest on Indiblogger

'Saviors of Plutonon' won runner-up prize in 'I am Explorer' Contest

'Let's build a stronger India, shall we?' won a runner-up prize in 'Immune India' contest

'The Hopscotch Song' won a giveaway in 'Dove Go Play' contest on Indiblogger

'The SUNshine Girl' won runnner-up in Sunsilk contest

'Greece - Of Ancient Ruins and Sunkissed Beaches' won a runner-up prize in Skyscanner contest 

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    1. Thank you Saurabh and I truly need those wishes :)

  2. congratulations saru keep shining

  3. saru your blog is really more than what i can explain.some of your poems are healer,some are funny some are inspiring.keep itup.

    1. Thank you so much Sahil. Glad you like my work.

  4. Such an amazing lifetime this blog has had! Wonderful :)


  5. Wow. Great achievements in short span of time.. :) Way to go. (y)

  6. pretty prolific :) :) I just hopped over to your blog.. courtesy IB and i like it :)

  7. Hey, wow! What a list! Amazed and awed! Great job, Saru! Hope to see this list increased.


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