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Monday, November 17, 2014

Read Between The Lines


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Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter, sigh!


At times I simply stare into the past and I weave a woolen scarf out of your memories. Snuggling in it, I think, if your memories can keep me warm, what all we two can actually do? Sizzling, no? Now, please don't smile like you always do. It makes me miserable. I feel like a lone leaf in the yard, trembling and shaking within. Wait, woolen reminds me of one thing I kept from you - your own cap, the one you lost in Physics class. I stole it. Actually, not stole, I kept it when you forgot it on your desk and I used to wear it sometimes. I know, you will say, 'Really?', like you always say when you are surprised. Just so you know, I still have it but I don't wear it now.

Winter is knocking on your side of the world but here, it's quite cold already. I wake up every morning and wrap my arms around to keep myself warm. But not today, today early morning I saw your recent profile picture on Facebook and I'm not exaggerating, even mercury soared. You looked so hot in that picture that it made me warm. Heart started pounding with desire - to embrace you, to sniff the perfume from your sweater and to drag you under the quilt. Seriously, I thought all I need to keep myself warm is a hug from you every single winter day. Just a tight hug - that's all. 

By the way, I downloaded your picture. We are expecting freezing days ahead and I need something to keep me warm. And you can smile now. 


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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Hit Formula


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