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Monday, July 27, 2015

5 Common Diseases on Facebook

I have a saas-bahu relationship with Facebook - we maintain a good social image, but I can't stand the erratic mood swings of its algorithm and its desire to change the layout every now and then. I even bitch about it to my friends. Sadly, I can leave it only if I divorce my blog. You see, like a good mother, Facebook feeds my blog with 'hits' and 'likes'. Hence, I am indebted to it. But recently, I have been maintaining a safe distance. I deleted its app from my iPad and I log in from my laptop twice a day. Why, you ask?  Well, it's infected with many diseases which is affecting my mental health, if not physical.

It all began on a Monday morning two weeks back. I scrolled down my timeline and saw 359 likes on a friend's photo. I rubbed and cursed my sleepy eyes. 359 - there is a serious overlap of figures! 359 - darn, slow internet, not loading properly! But to my utter dismay, between the time I rubbed my eyes and refreshed the page, the likes went up to 380. It was then, I discovered, Facebook causes massive heartburn. And yours truly, suffered from it. I never knew numbers could hurt that much. Later, I made my peace with such glut of likes on profile pictures. There is no big deal in it, she has 3700 friends; see the percentage, I told myself. I used 'logic syrup' to cool off the agony inside.

Syrup reminds of another disease which has plagued Facebook for years - Type C Diabetics. In spite of constant warning updates from friends, some people don't understand that 'candies' in any form is not good for health. According to recent studies, Candy Crush Saga is responsible for diabetics in those who play it and hypertension in those who get its request every now and then. There, you see, one disease leads to another and Facebook becomes breeding ground for many illnesses. Though I survived it by bringing some lifestyle changes in my earlier days - Oh, I blocked  'Candy Crush Saga.'

However, there is this disease which affects not the person infected with it but others around them. I am talking about Viral. This is no ordinary infection, it spreads like wildfire and leads to bouts of jealousy. When you see your friends post going viral with thousands of shares, you not only feel restless but give a five minute lecture on Bhed Chaal on internet. What is so great about her poem? Should I attempt a tragic-emotional-super-teary poem? As bizarre it may sound, you ask yourself hundreds of senseless questions. You end up looking like a Devdas who can’t figure the reason of Paro’s glamour and high status, and you simply visit the next available social media site for few hours in an attempt to get some attention, only to return to Facebook the next morning. And, your brain becomes a mix of clueless and contrived - a rare mental disorder.

Then, there is another variant of viral - Virtual Diarrhea. Some people litter Facebook. You can spot 20 updates within a span of few hours. They have opinion on everything under the sun and they just litter your timeline. People, what about Swatchh Bharat Campaign! Well, after writing this post, I am starting a campaign called Swatchh Timeline, where I am using Zuckerberg’s survey of ‘what I want to see most’ to clean my feed. You see, too much of everything is bad and irritating, especially on social media.

To end, I think Facebook needs a ‘Jadu Ki Jhaapi’ and so does, all the envious, cool dudes, hyperactive and hypersensitive people on it. It's for fun and so is this post.

*P. S. - Title of this post is hyped, just like its content.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hamare Khushi Ke Pal...

When parents are our buddy,
When home is the place we have most fun.
Gliding on the clouds of bliss,
Where laughter is shared equally among old and young.
Everyone listens, everyone cares,
Be it mother, father, daughter or son.
There - parenting becomes a joy ride,
...and khuljaye bachpan!

I come from one such home,
Where encouragement was in abundant supply.
Be it starting my very own business or traveling alone abroad,
I was told to look ahead and fly high.
There was always a balance between caution and care,
Our parents never snubbed us to go anywhere.
Logic-reason-desire ruled above age,
Failures were dealt with consolation and never with rage.
It was more of friendship that bloomed while growing up,
...and khushi ke pal filled our days with a midas touch.

There was nothing we refrained to share,
Moments of shame, dread or even despair.
If my brother had a crush, they knew,
Or the emotional stress I went through.
If I bunked a lecture, I always told my mother,
Same rules were followed by my brother.
Without a shadow of doubt, they trust us,
Reassuring every situation is better handled with love.
Faith replaced fear, unlocking more happy days,
...and gave more khushi ke pal for us to embrace.
Hamare khushi ke pal - a vivid recollection,
When buddy parenting helped to make a perfect connection.
Dad taught me to drive, I taught him to use a smartphone,
He texts and is on whatsapp, and never feels alone.
Mom, who taught us to enjoy life to bits,
Was thrilled by surprise birthday party thrown by her kids.
They never hesitate to try new thing just to bond with us,
Be it hanging at a new place and trying new stuff.
They made growing up - a cherished ride,
As buddy parents they are more of friend, confidant and guide.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Smartphone with an Edge

Mobile market is flooded with countless products. It's a challenge to pick one. If one phone has a better camera, other has a killer battery backup. If one phone can play clear videos, other has sleek finish. What if, you get a phone which has all the features you are looking for? I think, I will not wait to buy it. Well, I found one such phone - ZenFone 2. I have been hearing about ZenFone for over a year, read tens of reviews, but since I shy away from buying a phone, I never paid much attention. And now that I want to have a phone, I have zeroed in ZenFone 2 for many reasons. Here are its stand out features -

Killer Performance - This phone has 64-bit 2.3GHz Super Quad-Core Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor and a 4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM. Now, even if you don’t understand the technicalities, it simply means - you can download faster, it has better touch response time and the clarity is amazing. A moving picture is much more crisp in it as compared to other phones. With 4GB Ram, this phone ensures the best multitasking experience. And yes, videos playing is superb too. In case you have two sims, this phone is empowered with Dual Action technology and you will never miss a call. You can switch between two calls between two numbers - place one on hold to answer another with ease. So, as far as performance goes, it scores high on all fronts. No wonder, it is among the top selling phones in many countries.

Superb Picture and Camera Quality - Besides calling and texting, the other thing we use our phone is as a camera. ZenFone has 13MP PixelMaster front camera and 5MP front camera. It means, you can capture amazing shots and selfies with this phone. Its Low Light Mode takes 400% brighter pictures during night or in less light. What piqued my interest is Auto Mode with Zero Shutter Lag and Dual Flash. With all these features, it is often called ‘DSLR in your hands.’ By the way, the best feature for selfie addicts is its Beautification feature - it allows to touch and glam-up your shots.

Great Looks with Comfort - Metallic looks, slim body and less weight makes this phone a winner in the looks department. ZenFone 2 is a 5.5-inch smartphone, but will feel smaller in your hands. It adds to the comfort while holding it, specially if you have smaller hands like mine. It has a remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio and gives a better viewing experience. Ergonomic Arc Design with rear control gives ease of operation. The buttons for sound and control are placed for comfort, just in place for index finger making it easier for us to navigate and feel in control. It’s because of all these reasons, ZenFone 2 bagged 2015 iF Design Award. Their Fusion and Illusion Series is quite happening too, with vibrant designs and colors, one will end up making a bold fashion statement.

Bonus Features - Zenfone 2 has Boostmaster Technology with which you can charge it up to 60% in 39 minutes. This feature is a blessing for those who travel and have a busy schedule. Another feature that stands out is ZenMotion - touch, swipe and tap feature to operate the phone; like write C on the screen to open Camera. And Zenfone 2 comes with an array of accessories and themes, making it easy to personalize the experience of using a smartphone. Even with such amazing features, ZenFone is reasonably priced. According to Forbes, ASUS ZenFone is an impressive unlocked flagship device at budget pricing.

Listed as one of the best smartphones of 2015, ZenFone 2 certainly lives up to its reputation. Have a quick look at the infographic for what experts and media is saying about this incredible phone.

*Image Source - ASUS ZenFone 2

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