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Monday, March 23, 2015

Me + E = Meant to Be

No pressing keys endlessly,
I swoop into the world so smart.
Swishing-Tapping-Twisting on E,
A savvy journey I #ChooseToStart.

Lens, focus, exposure, light,
This mumbo-jumbo is too hard to get.
E has easy camera functions,
Twist to operate, tap to share and you are all set.
My first tryst would set my creativity free,
As I will try my hands at photography.
I will shoot all that my heart seeks,
Capturing moments at home, in parks and on streets.

Next in line will notch up my passion for writing,
No more notes on napkins, bus tickets and re-typing.
Think-write-publish and will go with the flow,
E is a perfect companion for blogging on the go.
It has super fast connectivity and smooth multi-task,
Big screen with superb clarity and you won't miss your paperback.
Read, write and be cosy with E in a nook.
It is your pen, paper and your favorite book.

What is a smartphone sans your favorite apps?
Youtube, Cricket World Cup and Google Map.
E will guide me through traffic, brighten up my dull days,
It's an out-and-out entertainer in many ways.
I will catch cricket highlights and play video games,
No crushing candies but something that sets the screen on flames.
It has long lasting battery and it won't die on me,
That's why I say - Me + E = Meant to Be.

Our bond will only grow from here,
I've set all details on a chart.
Morning, noon, evening, night with E,
Here's our journey together that I #ChooseToStart.

Tweeting, texting, updating status in the morning,
Waking up with the world in my hand.
Writing, reading and taking pictures during the day,
Chatting with friends and listening to songs of my favorite bands.
Going for a walk with E, prepping dinner-time with it,
Adding a whole new meaning to our relationship.
Caring less for speed, battery and smudge,
And playing with this sleek gadget with a gentle touch.
I will be upbeat, connected and free,
As I #ChooseToStart my day with Moto E.

E on my desk! Source
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Quote Unquote ~ 42/365

Post by Words.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

To My Ex



I thought I would be.
One breakup and days later,
I strongly disagreed.

To cleanse myself off you,
First I cursed you day and night.
Proved the theory within a week,
That out of sight is actually out of mind.

What was left of you after,
I stuffed it in a cardboard box.
No, I didn't burn you silly,
I sold all those things in a pawn shop.

I earned enough bucks and enough wisdom,
To not waste myself over one guy.
I kissed my future ever so tight,
And bid your memories a silent goodbye.

Still I feel I owe you,
For one blessing you gave me.
My life is much better without you,

My two pence in return,
Never make promises you can't keep.
Women label men like you as -

Your Ex and a Super-girl

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