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Monday, December 11, 2017

Because mental strength is more important than physical

I’ve put on 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. It’s a side effect of a medical condition. I got up today and my weight was half a pound more than what it was yesterday. I was extremely sad that time. 6 in the morning and the first thought along with your medical condition is your weight issue. Trust me, every girl hates it. But I had chores to finish. So I cooked, replied to emails, and cleaned before heading for a bath. I switched on the music on my iPad and told myself to take one day at a time. Do good, eat healthy, exercise, and spread some happy vibes. And I wrote this couplet. I hope if someone is going through a tough phase, he/she finds strength in this piece.

'Tez hawaaon mein udte hain jo,
Un parindo ke par nahin hausle buland hote hain.'

Starting from today I'll post all that I've shared on my social media handles on this blog. I'll make one post every fortnight. Someone told me it's good if you want to protect your work in case of a copyright issue.

So these are the posts I wrote in the last 15 days. Which one do you like the most?

P. S. हौसले or होंसल, which one is correct?

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dengue: a global threat, its symptoms and prevention

It was my sister-in-law’s wedding in November. Sadly, many of our relatives from Kaithal couldn’t attend it. Dengue cases were on the rise there. And most of the families were affected by it. My husband’s aunt, both of her sons, and her grandchildren were admitted to the hospital. We all felt helpless. As most of my husband’s extended family live in and around Kaithal, at least one member from each of our relative’s families was in the hospital. It saddens me to think about Dengue can be easily prevented. And still, we can’t prevent this disease. We need to be careful and take care of our families.

Mosquito-borne diseases, like malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya, dengue, or zika virus can turn deadly and are a threat to the global health. We all have heard cases where a family has lost a loved one. Fifty years ago, only a couple of countries reported dengue or malaria outbreaks, but now it is endemic in more than 120 countries. With high mortality rate, WHO estimates that there are at least 100 million infections in a year. And in 1 out of 100 cases, it becomes fatal. A little information and preventive measure can help us wipe out this disease from the face of the earth. Do the following to keep yourself and your family from these mosquito-borne diseases.

Note the symptoms

Dengue symptoms can be easily detected. Please take note if any of your family members suffers from these dengue fever symptoms. The symptoms are:
  • Severe flu-like illness and it begins with a sudden onset of fever and headache
  • Skin cash
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Nausea and vomiting

Test and Treatment
Dengue is diagnosed with the help of laboratory tests. Head to the nearest doctor or clinic to determine the presence of dengue virus. These tests must be done within the first few days of the patient presenting symptoms. So don't wait. See your doctor the moment you notice dengue symptoms in your loved one.

There is no set treatment for dengue. It requires appropriate management of symptoms, in addition to maintaining an optimum level of body fluids.There is a commercially available vaccine against dengue, but it is available only in Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, and the Philippines. Though WHO has not formally clarified its stand on this vaccination but has urged countries where Dengue cases are at epidemic levels to start a national immunization program. India's is still to introduce it.

How can we prevent it?
Dengue is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito which is active during the daytime. To protect your family, both inside and outside the home, it’s important to use proper clothing and products. The best measure is to use personal repellents like Good knight Fabric Roll-On. It comes two fragrance - citrus and bubblegum fragrance for kids. These repellents prevent mosquitoes and hence is the best way to keep your family safe from dengue.

Inside the home, in addition, to keep the windows and doors close, it’s advisable to use Good knight Activ+ to keep mosquitoes away.

For dengue and other such diseases, prevention is key. When such a disease is on the rise in your city, take necessary precautions to keep your family safe.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

5 Tips to Make Your Home Clutter Free and Save Money


I was in India this year for Diwali. It may sound rude but I was annoyed with the manner my mother was managing her home. I live a clutter-free life. I don’t buy things spontaneously. A lot of thought goes into buying even a set of wine glasses. I follow a simple policy - if I won’t use it frequently, I don’t buy it. This principle applies even to gold, which otherwise, is considered an investment. Things we buy and don’t use are a waste of money and space. The worst part is it creates a lot of negative effects that we fail to realize. Take this scenario - you like a sweater and it’s available at a throwaway price. Your instincts would force you to buy it. Great deal, new style, favorite color - you’d wear it repeatedly this winter. But you would not touch a couple of your old sweaters. They would pile-up at the back of your closet. Your closet would be full and you will complain about lack of space in your home. We fail to acknowledge that it was our mistake from the very beginning. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t buy things we like. My point is to make sure that we have space to keep those things and lead a systematic life.

So after a heated discussion with my mother, I did what daughters do when they visit their mothers - I rearranged her closet and made a list of things she must do to live a clutter-free life. Here are few of those suggestions -

Play the minimalism game to declutter

I suggested my mother pick one corner of her room and take out things she rarely uses. By rarely I mean never or once a year. Then donate, throw, or sell those things. I told her to do this exercise for a month. She started this declutter game with her dressing table. Out of 10 nail paints, she admitted, she uses only 4 shades. Rest are accumulated and are never used. It was the similar situation with a box full of hair bands, pins, and a stack of bindi packets. A week later she was proud to announce that her room is clutter-free and it takes less time to dust and to find clothes in her closet.

Start to declutter your home with minimalism game. Discard or donate 1 thing the first day, and increase the number of things as the number of days progress. 2 items on the 2nd day, 3 items on the 3rd day, and so on. You may find it difficult but it’s totally worth your time and effort.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

To You, Dear Soul...


Dear Soul,

You've ached,
You've pleaded,
But I'm too worldly wise.
I know how many times you weep,
When I helplessly ignore your cries.
There is a bridge I want to cross,
But I'm too scared.
He can share me,
You, you've never been shared.
You're all mine,
Hence I trouble you this much.
The world judges me,
You, they can't even touch.
The bond we two share,
Breaks countless times.
Thank God, killing your own soul is not a crime.
The day I will place you first,
I will make many foes.
The song he sings for me will turn into a prose.
I promise I will cross that bridge soon,
Sooner than he thinks.
How long can I survive on materialistic things?
Until that day you be as you are.
I may not listen to you,
But you are the reason I've survived this far.

Your Body.

Muddled soul in a tyrant body seeks recourse.
Prisoner for thirty odd years can survive no more.
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Monday, November 20, 2017



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