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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Other Side of Truth

I don't like the sound of lies
But I myself speak one or two
With a poker face many times
Hiding the truth through and through

Still I preach honesty
Like I am a saint and divine
Pretending to stall tall in a swamp
When I just lost my spine

Dare someone hides truth from me
I point fingers and I never spare
Playing the victim card so loud
Blaming - people are not fair

Then, there is other side of truth
The one with shades of grey
The one that comforts you, me and everyone
But is hard to essay

And there is a lie that flatters
Ringing music into ears
But the one that is bitter and brutal
Pinches you for many many years

You decide what is good -
Truth, lie or half baked lines
The other side of truth is -
It changes shades depending upon sides

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Monday, February 23, 2015

तकिये के नीचे...


ग़म इतना गहरा था शायद
उम्र भर उसे कुरेदते ही रहे
हर बात पे गहरी सांस ले कर  
तेरी तस्वीर को देखते ही रहे

फलक तक साथ मुश्किल था
तो कुछ क़दम में दम भर लिया मैंने
किराये के मकान में कुछ दिन काफी होते हैं
मैं उम्र भर चली थी उसमें रहने

क़रीब नहीं थे कभी इतना
कि तुम्हे हर लफ्ज़ की गहरायी समझाती
औने-पौने इशारों में कहाँ
दिलों की बातें बाताई जाती

अब बीत चुके हैं बरसों
यादें धुंधली और तारीखों का होश नहीं
बहुत किस्से जो अधूरे रह गए
उनका भी कोई अफ़सोस नहीं

बस एक ग़म नहीं जाता
काश तुम्हें रोकती और सब कुछ कह पाती
तो ना सुलगती उम्र भर
ना अपने अरमानों को तड़पाती

तकिये के नीचे दबा के रखे है तुम्हारे ख़याल !
एक तस्वीर, बेपनाह इश्क और बहुत सारे साल !!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bridge, Trees and A Hug So Tight


Some wait for the spring,
Others walk barefoot on a hot summer day.
Unwary of the season, I sit under the same tree,
Since you went far far away.

The bridge is covered with snow now,
Like memories, tears too have iced up.
Heart is numb with endless pain,
Merely longing for your gentle touch.

Wish the twilight moon takes my message,
Wherever you might be.
Someone who loves you so dearly,
Is sitting under the same tree.

Come, sweep me off my feet,
Pour passionate kisses till I say so.
I wear your favorite dress on most days,
The one with pink flowers and hint of indigo.

127 days so far, I count,
Morning, noon and night.
Since you wrapped your arms around me,
Bidding goodbye with a hug so tight.

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