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Monday, May 18, 2015

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, not so far away.
There was a little girl, who always wanted to play.
She knew nothing of this world so rough.
Chased butterflies, she had too much love.
If there was ever a problem, she ran to her mother.
Who would solve everything magically one after another.
There were a thousand things both mother-daughter did.
Played carom, snakes-n-ladders and took many trips.
As the girl grew, she made notes of all things nice.
Little treasures of her wonderland - her mother's love and sacrifice.

They had the most fun anyone could ever seek,
Her mother made new-new games week after week.
If it was 'Name Your Favorite Jungle Friends' one day,
'Spelling Competition' dominated another.
Happily playing, laughing and learning,
Girl had beautiful memories with her mother.
There was one game though, little girl most dread.
She kept counting on her fingers and in her head.
She would make excuses of the length of a fable.
Whenever mom called her to play 'Jumbled Tables.’

It was not always easy, there were some days tough.
When the girl would mix tiny-little-stuff.
What to say, what to do and when.
She asked an innocent question when she was ten.
It became a running joke till a bigger story came.
That her mother ran store to store to buy hair ribbon of Aashiqui fame.
Too much hoopla over threads weaved on silk net.
A cherished memory both mother-daughter can never forget.

There were however, few days in grey hue,
Girl couldn't get right from wrong, she had no clue.
She lived in another town, miles away from home.
Reluctantly one day she called her mother on phone.
I am too scared to do this - she said.
Mother replied - count on the goodness that lays ahead.
Every day since, her mother called her day and night.
To be there for her daughter and be her guiding light.
Troubled times went like skilled sailor sailed.
When a mother stands by your side you never fail.

Since then.. that little girl was no more a baby.
Her mother groomed her into a fine lady.
There came a time when distance grew into oceans.
No words could fit in to express their vivid emotions.
Both keep daily chit-chats and memories by their side.
Daughter misses her mother and she is her mother's pride.
If you believe in fairytales, a place where love grows on trees.
All mothers are angels and this little girl is me.

My mother is my friend, my strength and #MyFirstExpertAnd here's a memory from our daily chit-chat -

* * *
Just like mothers, Godrej is also an expert in many things, one of them is hair color. Click here to find out more.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Read - Anywhere, Anytime...

The longest relationship I have ever had outside my family is with books. A book lover can definitely understand the depth of this statement. A book is not a couple of hundred pages sewn together. It is a magical spell that transports us to another world - full of hope, wisdom and it holds million promises. Before my marriage, I had my own mini library. When I last counted I had close to 500 books - fiction, drama, poetry, bestsellers and all prints of my favorite authors. After marriage, my lifestyle changed. We are a nomadic couple, we move every year or year and a half. Earlier, moving took a toll on my reading habits. With every move, I had to giveaway my precious collection, but not anymore. All thanks to wonderful e-books! Now I’ve even started building my own virtual library. Here’s a look into my library -

I buy a book at Delhi Airport and read it during my extended halt at London. Depending upon the weather, I switch between books, courtesy the virtual library I carry with me on my iPad. If it’s a short story by Jeffrey Archer in the morning, it is Sita by Devdutt Pattanaik in the evening. Not only that, I buy books when I am waiting for my girlfriends in a coffee shop. You see, buying books has never been this easy before - it’s just a click away. Yesterday, while I was waiting for rice to come to a boil, I bought Dan Brown’s Deception Point. You must be wondering - where I buy? Well, I use an app - FlipKart eBooks. It’s very easy to buy on it. What I like most, in addition to one-click-away download, is its Book Stand - a visual interface where I get to know the latest releases, best sellers, books on various genres, even books under 100 and free ebooks. When I am looking for a specific type of book, I simply click on the Categories and the application guides me through. Like, couple of weeks back, I was looking to add a new project to my hobbies. This app helped me to narrow down to one book - ‘Interior Decorating on the Cheap!’ by Debra Moore. A perfect book for me!
FlipKart eBooks has changed the way I read, shop and store books. I am using it for more than 15 months now and I am loving it. Ernest Hemingway said, ‘There is no friend as loyal as a book,’ and I agree with her. With books, you are never alone. And in the hi-tech world, where there are many ways to connect with friends - we stay in touch with our friends 24X7 using Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Similarly, one can stay in touch with books, your loyal friends using FlipKart eBooks. Buy, read, surf, search and lose yourself in the world of books. FlipKart eBooks is an incredible way to connect with books.

As summer is in full swing in many parts of the world, and summer vacation and travel will fill many itineraries, add books to your collection. You Are What You Read, Read Smart This Summer - buy and read anywhere, anytime.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Two Minute Saga

Dear Husband,

Here's a simple math,
Read it with utter devotion.
There's foundation, concealer, blusher, face powder,
And these are totally different from body lotion.
It's an endless list,
Only for face you see.
And I apply the bare minimum,
The precise count is three.
First goes the face cream,
Followed by some circular movement of fingers on cheeks.
Different strokes depending on age and skin type,
Trust me, it's a fine technique.
It's either kohl or mascara next,
To dress my gorgeous eyes.
Remember that very place,
Where whole universe lies.
The last step of course is,
A gentle application of lip gloss my love,
And even for this bare minimum,
Two minutes are never enough.
Next time if you'll shout,
I will hand over your dream wife to you.
A packet of instant noodles,
Cooked under minutes two.

Your wife, not some fast food.

P. S. - Jo do minute mein taiyaar ho jaye, usey biwi nahin, noodles kahtey hain.

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