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Monday, September 1, 2014

Mr Right, Mrs Always Right And Both Doing Alright


He loves me like a princess
On most occasions I would say
But if one fine evening I ask him to hold hands
He blames me for public display

His body is all mine
All but his fine ears
They won't budge on my melodious voice
Seems like frozen from last five years

Curiosity killed the cat
And I was murdered for asking someone's name
His stare pierced through my heart 
When I asked him a question in the middle of his favorite game

He buys me finest of jewels
His love is all stacked up in my safe
But a $10 scarf on sale is enough
For an extempore on - We should save!

It doesn't end with sports, money and food
Even my opinion is absurd
Mrs Roy was not being sarcastic
I shouldn't form my views on what I saw or heard

Please, don't blame him guys
He himself is a prisoner for life
Nearly misunderstood by a treacherous soul
His nasty-nasty wife

Between the two of us
We are doing almost alright
He is my Mr Right
And I am his Mrs Always Right

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quote Unquote ~ 32/365

Post by Words.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Love, Not Anymore


Mountains echo the promises you made there
Like an autumn leaf I rattle inside
Fingers tremble as I wipe the drizzle 
No, I never moan, I never cry

But you must not come for my sake only
I am lost, why should you too
Two lost souls will drown in misery
Come only if your love is true

Don't you ever come only to keep promises
It will break me with no mends
You are my lover, now and forever
We can never be friends

Memories, the last day in wild prairie
Knocks on my window pane
Ushers a wild smile on my lips
But never eases off my pain

Heart babbles, fights with me
To trust you was by no means right
Fingers tremble as I wipe the drizzle
No, I never moan but I may have cried

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