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Monday, April 24, 2017



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Monday, April 17, 2017

8 Summer Style Tips That Will Have You Looking ‘Cool’ On A Budget

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Monday, April 10, 2017



There are very few stories that leave an indelible effect on us. My favorite short story is by Ernest Hemingway -

“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”

It's tragic and painfully beautiful. These 6 words have the power to evoke strong emotions in readers. Most read short story from my feed is -

We bumped into each other in a cafe after 6 years.
He was with his wife and I was with his daughter.

How is this new #TheHashtagStory? Do you like the mix of technology, relationship, and memories in it?

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Steel Lunch Box and Oh-So-Clever Ms. Singh

If I may say, I was a fool to think Ms. Singh won't catch me. She was a clever teacher. There was no fooling around in her class. And let me confess, I was petrified of her. But that particular day, I had no control. What I did was no child's play! It took immense courage to indulge in the stupidity. Yes, it was stupid of me. But, pardon me I was hungry. My stomach was making weird noises. I did what I had to do - I opened my steel lunch box, unwrapped the roti from the cloth napkin, took a piece and folded a generous dose of aloo-gobi into it. I ducked my head and put that big bite into my mouth. It didn't end there, I told you, Ms. Singh was clever. She reacted even at the slightest mark of suspicion. I had to raise my head. I raised my head and placed the book in front. Abhay was reading Chapter 7. I paced my mind and caught with the lines. He was reading the second paragraph. I was chewing simultaneously. I must take a moment to say, my mother is an artist. That aloo-gobi was to die for! And it tasted extra delicious that day. After the first bite, hunger went sideways and greed took charge. My mouth watered at the thought of another bite. I placed the book down, moved my hands under the desk and made another bite. The boy who sat in front moved in suspicion. Because of Ms. Singh, he didn't look back. The fragrance of this winter delicacy must have reached his nose. Sneaky, dude!

The second bite gave me utmost joy. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility failed as I relished the burst of spices inside my mouth. I was in food heaven. I was a little proud of myself, too. I did the inconceivable in Ms. Singh's presence. By this time, my confidence skyrocketed. Next bite was easy. Next to it was a cake walk. But then we all know what happens when we get greedy - we make mistakes. I, too, made one. In the rush, I dropped the steel lunch box’s lid and it made a loud sound. Ms. Singh's fox like ears followed the sound and she called out my name. She caught me and ordered me to stand outside.

I walked past her but there was no shame. I realization dawned upon me. Ms. Singh was clever but my mother was cleverer.
To Ms. Singh -

You were smart but not that much! Had it been my mother she would have guessed the dish by the aroma that wafted the moment I opened my lunch box? Ms. Singh the only excuse would be your poor sense of smell. Your only defense. But Ms. Singh, we all know how much you hated excuses.

P. S. - I ruined Chapter 7, not by my act but my turmeric stained fingers silly. Par koi nahin, kuch daag achhe hote hain!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

We need Facebook likes. Your post gets only 10.

Let me begin by saying to all those who seek numbers - Number Game is a big business and only a few understand it. When a post gets hundreds of likes on Facebook, it's a combination of - friend count, time of posting, interaction level, and ease of reading. Hence pictures get more likes than words. So, don't judge a post on the basis of 'like count,' check its quality.
Now let me go a step ahead and tell you the business aspect of it - Facebook and Instagram don't allow your post to reach all your followers. As a Facebook Page owner, my post reaches only 2-5% on good days. And as someone who has changed her Instagram to a business profile, my post reaches only 20-25%. Both these platforms prompt me to 'promote' my posts. They are in a business. They want profiles like mine to spend money before we even make a dollar on it. So, next time you see a profile with 1000s of likes with unmatched follower count, take it from me - something is fishy. In fact, Instagram interaction has dropped by 38% since August.
Being a writer I find it most amusing when brands tell me how much I am worth. Well, let me put it this way - You may shop cheap. I, my dear friend, have quality. And to get it, you need to open your wallet. If you want only likes, why not buy it? In case you want it free, there are apps too. But you will only get likes, not genuine interaction! I understand you need numbers, just a word of caution - fake numbers are not good for business.
In the end, I want to share how I actually feel. Last Saturday, I wrote a Hindi couplet, and I loved it. I was so happy with it that I repeated it many times. It gave me immense joy to create something that has the magic of language, words and emotions. I don't know it's good, bad or whether it would attract numbers. But it just made my day! That's the most satisfying thing for a writer. No amount of money can take that away from me. And no amount of money can buy that kind of happiness.

As far as businesses are concerned, I am happy to work with those who share my ideologies.

The magical potion with dose of love, rain and romance -

My reply to Zuckerberg -

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