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Thursday, July 28, 2016

eSmart Term Plan - A Smart CHOICe


First time I look an insurance policy, I waited with my mother in a government building for hours. It was a cumbersome, lengthy and delayed process. No wonder, my zest for investment died then and there. Our generation likes to work fast, without any hiccups. We want things to be available at our fingertips. And why not? Also, if it involves our money, we should know the finer details of it. But there is always a question of trust when it comes to handling money matters online. Well, no worries! Check - with the backing of three reputed financial organizations, this microsite is the solution for our insurance needs.
As I am revamping my financial plan for the year to include more investments, eSmart Term Plan caught my attention. I am looking for a long term policy to cover the contingencies. And ‘eSmart Term Plan’ fits the bill perfectly. It’s a term plan with a surprisingly low premium. To be very honest, ease of getting this plan is more inviting. When I heard about the site, I checked it on my mobile. The information on the website is simple to understand, unlike the legal mumbo-jumbo one reads on insurance related documents. The website is for the common man who is looking for a simple insurance policy from the comforts of home. If you wish to communicate with their insurance representative, fill in your name, email and phone number, and they will contact you. Yes, it’s that simple! No waiting at some office to get things done.
Three reasons I recommend one should check -
It’s simple - Minimum documentation, minimum hassles. All the paperwork will take less than 10 minutes.
Affordable - Annual premium for 50 lac policy is as low as INR 3878* Interested, check their online calculator to get a quote.
Reliable -  It’s a venture of HSBC, OBC, and Canara Bank. These organizations have a long-standing reputation of transparency and trust.
There is more… just like the ease of getting in touch with their representative, you can also get the insurance policy in four simple steps. Here’s how -

To add more to the ease of investors, the policy has two major advantages. One, accidental death benefit, which if opted will entitle the family members to an additional amount to the sum originally insured. Two, family assistance, where a specially assigned manager will look and work with you, if need be. Isn’t the best thing! I have seen family members sweating over unresolved insurance issues. Adding such personal touches win many brownie points and not to forget loyal customers. No wonder this brand has already won many awards!
After going through these features, I am positive, I will invest with them. And, will also recommend it to near and dear ones.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How you can Buy Happiness with Money?


Whoever said happiness can’t be bought with money obviously invested in the wrong places. Happiness can be bought with money provided we spend on experiences rather than on possessions. Money is necessarily a means to an end. And, that end should be happiness. If you embrace this truth, we will invest in things that bring us close to a blissful life. As they say, ‘Collect Moments, Not Things.’ Try to fit into this saying while spending money.

Invest in Your Passions

There is at least one thing we all love. It may be travel, cooking, reading or painting. Multiply your happiness by spending money on these things. If you love to explore new places, spend money on travel. If cooking is your stress-buster, take courses or buy fancy cooking appliances. Invest in a good bookcase or build a library if you love reading. Spend money on things that bring long term gratification.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Amazing Facts About Star Trek Beyond



Action, adventure, and adrenaline - pack these three in one frame and we get the epic Star Trek series. The new movie from this series - Star Trek Beyond is creating a buzz all around the globe. Rave reviews on IMDb, MetaCritic, and Rotten Tomatoes, and updates on my Facebook timeline encouraged me to book tickets for this weekend. As claimed by fans, this is the best movie in the Star Trek series. Before you head out to the theater, check these cool-and-fun facts about Star Trek Beyond -

  • The release date of Star Trek Beyond coincides with the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV show’s debut in 1966. Yes, this Franchise is being loved by many-many generations. They have upgraded the format to suit the young crowd, year after year. Cool, isn’t it!

  • Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in Star Trek Beyond has also written the screenplay of the movie. As Simon is high on wit and humor, I am expecting crisp and entertaining dialogues in the movie. Simon revealed his involvement in the writing on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ in 2007, and also on his website on May 19, 2015. He even disclosed the title as ‘Star Trek Beyond.’ Star Trek fans, like me, were excited since he made those announcements.
  • This movie focuses on the five-year mission, or as we Star Trek fans call - Intrepid Space Mission... Spock, Captain Kirk, and others venture out to explore the final frontier out in space. Much in line with what Captain Kirk described as the mission in the original series… Remember, his famous dialogue,

“...To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

  • Star Trek Beyond is the first film from the series to be completely digitally. Hence, better action, special effects, and backgrounds, making it a visual treat for Star Trek fans.
  • Even before its release, Star Trek Beyond started creating a wave. It was nominated for ‘Best Teaser’ at the 17th Annual Golden Trailer Awards.
  • This is the Justin Lin's first Sci-Fi directorial movie. Those who are not aware, he is well known for directing The Fast and the Furious - 3 to 6. His movies have grossed more than 2 billion worldwide!
  • Actors returning to this movie are getting a bigger and fatter paycheck. Apparently, their contracts have been renegotiated. So, all your favorite characters are paid well to entertain you!
  • This movie is not shot in Hollywood. It is shot in the picturesque locales of Canada - Vancouver, to be precise. Believe it or not, the entire set, even the USS Enterprise, is built from scratch in Vancouver.
  • Sadly, this is Anton Yelchin’s final Star Trek film. He plays Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek Robot series. He died in June 2016. However, his fans can catch him in other films - We Don’t Belong Here (2016), Porto (2016), Thoroughbred (2017) and Rememory, which all will be released posthumously.


Interested? Watch #StarTrekInIndia… Don’t wait, book tickets and enjoy this movie with your family and friends. If you’ve watched it already, share your experiences in comments below.
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