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Monday, November 13, 2017



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Monday, November 6, 2017



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Monday, October 30, 2017



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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vodafone endeavors make NCR residents happy and the entire nation proud

Back in 2006, being a small-town girl, I was awed by the magnificence of Delhi. I exited the Sabzi Mandi railway station and marveled at the engineering wonder of our country - Delhi Metro. The experience of riding Metro from Sabzi Mandi to Rajiv Chowk was a peek into the modern way of life - I was mesmerized by the management of Delhi Metro. It was nothing short of magic - the opulence and magnanimity were breathtaking. But the moment I stepped out of the air-conditioned premises of Metro, reality struck me. I cursed the June heat. It was even harsher in Delhi’s pollution. The buzzing traffic, vehicles coughing smoke, and dusty sidewalks - I felt sorry for those who live there. As for me, I was to catch the evening train back to my hometown where air quality is better. The picture of Delhi I saw on TV faded within minutes. I saw the authentic Delhi where heaps of waste, pollution, and Dengue were a part of normal existence. I made a mental note of never living there. The idea of setting up my CS practice in NCR evaporated in June’s heat. I wanted professional growth but not at the cost of my health.

Now, over a decade later, my views have changed. I see many positive changes which compel me to have this bent of mind. The recent SC ban of crackers is an evidence that our government is taking Delhi’s environment seriously. Though there are many who blatantly disobeyed the order. I understand it’s not easy to change the perception of millions of residents overnight. Especially when the order revolves around a tradition. One step at a time, as they say. I hear from friends and acquaintances how Dilli is changing and this is how -

Delhi Metro, by far, is the biggest step in making Delhi smarter. It reduces travel time, congestion on road and overall, it is the major contributing factor in reducing the pollution levels in the NCR region. As a person who has traveled to the biggest cities in the world, I’m proud to say that Delhi Metro is one of the best!

I spotted CNG operated buses, autos and cars first time on Delhi roads. This clean fuel undoubtedly led to the reduction in carbon footprint. Following the example of Delhi, others cities have followed suit. Even the emission levels are controlled in Delhi NCR.

During the Commonwealth Games, the government urged the citizens to make the best use of available infrastructure. Residents were asked to rent their extra room as there was a shortage of hotels. An advanced move that helped to residents to make money and make the best use of resources. It was a smart decision. Who knew a few years later, the concept would be used on such a large scale at a global scale. We all know how successful Airbnb is.

The region has one of the biggest green belts in metro town across the country. We can find trees in every street, road, and landscapes at major intersections.

Lastly, citizens are becoming aware - saying no to plastic, opting for a greener way of life, controlling wastage. Delhi NCR residents are also doing their bit to make the city smart.

Here we can’t forget to mention the initiatives by Vodafone to revamps the heart, body, soul, and spirit of Delhi. The region has a few state of the art facilities, thanks to Vodafone.

From Paranthe wali gali to Zomato, making the region stout by encouraging the startups
Vodafone supports startups at their nascent stage by giving free products up to 2 lac rupees. On one hand Delhi is famous for paranthe wali gali and on the other hand, an app that has changed the way people savor and share their good experience worldwide. Zomato along with Oyo are a few ventures supported by Vodafone. Self-reliant businesses improve the standard of a city. It’s a step forward in making a city better.

Winning the heart of Dilliwalas with amazing facilities
We all are aware of the poor air quality of air in NCR. To make this situation bearable for its residents, Vodafone has touched the heart and souls of its natives.
  • Winning hearts by providing free wi-fi. There are 120 hotspots in Delhi NCR at its popular and important places. This makes a perfect example of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Touched the souls by making the first Air Purifying bus shelter in NCR. Breathe in fresh air and enjoy free wi-fi up to 20 mins. And this service is available to all, whether you are a Vodafone customer or not. One reason Vodafone receives a positive review every 30 seconds.
  • This Diwali, instead of crackers, Vodafone stores were giving plants - a step forward to Greener and cleaner Delhi.

As a well-traveled professional, I can safely say - Delhi always amazes me. Be it the spirit of Dilliwalas or the many endeavors that make Delhi a smart and modern city. So when Vodafone asked bloggers what we feel about #CelebratingSuper and how their endeavors help shape-up Delhi NCR, I’d say a humbled ‘thank you’ because such steps make not only Delhi NCR residents happy, but the whole nation proud.

Vodafone store buzzing with activity

Clean Metro Station

Image source -

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

When Gabbar sang praises of Cashify and Baawri Basanti danced to his tunes

Cellphones, laptops, tablets,
All glittery-shiny-new.
2-3 years after use,
What to do with them we have no clue?

Sell, donate, trade-in, or recycle,
Each option looks great.
But only hands-on experience,
Would tell you what's on your plate?

Even this Baawri Basanti*,
Witnessed a roller-coaster ride.
Gave me a good share of laughter,
And a few moments I literally cried.

The funniest experience of all,
Happened last May.
When I was thinking of making cash,
Selling my Kindle e-ink display.

(Kindle waiting for its worthy owner)

The adventure began the moment,
I mounted my two-wheeler.
Basanti on hunt for a prospective buyer,
I went to many local mobile dealers.

'No one buys this, madam'
'Who reads books these days?'
'This technology is outdated'
'Madam, please try another place.'

The replies were blunt and direct,
The price (if any) offered dirt cheap.
My prize-winning Kindle became a liability,
And I lost my sleep!

Like the heroic Basanti
I resolved to dance till I die.
All I wanted was the right price,
And one person who was interested to buy.

I bribed God with 5% commission,
Of what I was intending to make.
5% of 3000 is 150,
Enough to buy half kilogram burfi made of Milkmaid.

God showed no mercy,
He paid no heed to my plight.
I consoled my restless soul,
God must be on diet.

Then I offered Commission ka Ladoo,
To my friends, relatives, and neighbors.
The one who'd help me sell it,
Would also share the fruits of labor.

One, only one, came,
And I treated him like Bhagwan.
In Puja-thali style I placed bill, Kindle, USB,
For that useless insaan.

That funky dude,
Was in no mood to shell out even a single rupee.
Offered me an hour-long lecture,
Why I must give him Kindle for free?

He didn't like reading,
But his girlfriend did.
I must do a noble deed,
By lending a hand to strengthen their partnership.

He wanted to gift it,
On her birthday that week.
As I already had an iPad,
Kindle was almost like an antique.

From restless Basanti,
He was adamant on making me a Cupid.
If I choose money over love,
I'd be utterly stupid.

Helpless and almost like a fool,
I stared at my poor device.
With no Dhano to my rescue,
To give it for free seemed the only choice.

Still, I wanted to give it to a worthy soul,
Who would read books and make proper use of it.
Only then I'd be happy,
To take a 3000 rupees hit.

I refused politely to that Modern Majnu,
Who was clearly aghast.
And I learned a lesson,
Selling second-hand products is clearly an art.

To #CleanUp my cupboard,
And #CashOut a handsome sum.
I needed the backup of a strong system,
That is available at the press of a thumb.

Shockingly my ace rival Gabbar,
Freed me from my pain.
In 60-seconds he promised,
My worries would go down the drain.

(Watch the Mighty Gabbar singing Cashify praises)

An app that makes selling easy-peasy,
My search ended with Cashify.
Sell online in 60-seconds,
I bid all my worries goodbye.

All is done in 3 simple steps,
Get a quote, schedule a pick-up, get cash.
I danced to Gabbar's tunes,
Baawri Basanti had both cash and aish.

Invite your friends to earn 150 bucks,
Even get your phone repaired.
Opt for anti-theft service on Cashify,
In case of loss or theft, your phone location will be shared.

Wait, the deal gets sweeter!
250 bucks to be precise.
If you all use CLEANCASH code,
Make more money by selling your device.

No running from pillar to post,
From the comforts of our home.
Swishing-Tapping-Negotiating on Cashify,
We can sell old tabs, laptops, and phones.

Join Gabbar-Basanti gang,
#CleanUpCashOut with Cashify.
A right place to sell your device,
Where no price expectation is too high.
Check out more on and download their app for extra benefits.

*Baawri_Basanti is my social media handle.
Basanti cartoon is sourced from

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