Rewind - August 2021

I came back from a 10-day trip yesterday. I met my family and friends after 2 years and 4 months. Yes, I counted. COVID-19 has changed the world. My travel was affected too. There were many forms and declarations to be filed, mandatory tests before flying and strict protocols at the airport and on flights. The trip was great. I had the best time in New York. However, it was life-altering. It gave me a new perspective on life.

I met my 1-year nephew for the first time. He is a very social child. He came running to me and hugged me. He hugs everyone - that child knows no stranger-danger funda! But a child's hug is beautiful and out-of-this-world. I don't want to mention the details of whats and whys but this trip has changed me. It has made me more focused and goal-oriented. Hopefully, better things will happen because of all I've experienced in the last 10 days.

And here's what I wrote in the month of August:




भगवान करे ऐसा सैलाब आए 

तुम्हने जो गम दिए है सब उसमें बह जाए


एक ज्वाला सी है सीने में

कि तेरे लिए बचे हुए इश्क़ को माचिस लगा कर ख़ाक कर दूँ


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