I am heartbroken over our failure as a couple

I asked you to love me. Nothing else. Just love. I didn't desire marriage. I am miles away from the glitter of the designer trousseau, lavish weddings and rituals are suffocating for me. I didn't want a house, money or child from you. I've learnt this by a bad stroke of luck that as a woman I am capable of having all of them on my own. I can build a house and make it home. I can earn, invest and splurge money. I can have and raise a child as a single mother.

Don't get me wrong, I am capable of loving myself as well. But I desired love. I wanted to lie on your shoulders as the paisley curtains blew in the cool summer breeze. I wanted to look into nothingness as we listened to Masoom songs on loop. I wanted to gently kiss you on the neck while you were getting ready for the gym. I wanted to share silence with you after our aggressive fight over politics. I wanted to share the lows of my life while I sulked in your lap. I wanted to sit on the carpet and read a book while you watched Chelsea play Manchester United. Above all, I wanted you as a man who would listen to what I've been dying to say for decades. And you failed you give me that!

You failed to hear my words, let alone my silence. You failed to come out of your own past, leave aside healing my wounds. You failed to let go of your anger, forget about keeping me calm. You failed me as a friend, lover and partner. If down the lane, you will look back, you will curse this day. It ended what could have been the best love stories ever. As a lover, you will feel the stabbing pain in your chest because we will never hug again. As a man, you will die of shame to protect the only person who vowed to take care of. As a friend, you will feel empty eternally.

As far as I am concerned, I am heartbroken over our failure as a couple. What a pathetic and miserable stroke of luck we have had!


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