From friends to lovers after all


I vividly remember the day we became lovers from friends. I texted you a picture. I was wearing a new top. Of course, I looked sexy. Of course, you were aroused. But you didn't say anything more than 'fabulous' for the next 1 hour. You conveniently switched the topic. We talked about our trip which we had been planning since we first met.

A plan to visit Italy in June and spend days together under the Tuscan sun. Getting tans lines and reminiscing about our youthful, vibrant days. We talked in length about flight tickets, Airbnbs and different trails we would hike. You were describing the joy of driving a bike on the narrow, serpentine roads of Amalfi. As you continued talking about zipping through roads from Sorrento to Positano, I gazed at WhatsApp. Haplessly looking at my picture and my full-blown attempt to seduce you. And then at your insipid 'fabulous'. 'Dang, let's concentrate on Italy, woman,' I told myself.

'So, are you in?' you asked. 'Yeah, sure!' was all I could manage. Italy was not on my mind. You were. But I was not happy when I agreed on that expensive Italy trip. I felt a surge of frustration, hate and love for you. I was frustrated because you were not responding to my moves. I hated you for being unromantic and unappreciative of my perfectly silhouetted breast in that picture. And I loved you for being the man you were. While most men jumped to lewdness on the third date, you never touched me even after spending countless days and nights together.

I was okay with your lack of interest for many years. But now I wanted closure. Either you desired me as a woman or loved me as a friend. This or that! Was I reading too much into those warm, protective, overly long stares? Was the easiness in your voice when I mentioned another man meant nothing? Italy would decide. I thought of it as my last attempt.

I was about to say another goodbye over the phone and delete the picture I sent you and your boring reply. 'Wait,' you said. 'Umm, hmm,' I replied. 'Pack this shirt you are wearing in the picture for the trip,' you said matter-of-factly. 'Oh, okay!' 'And next time when you will wear it, I would like to take it off,' you said in your deep, husky and seductive voice.

And then there was silence for many minutes celebrating the change of status. From friends to lovers after all.

*Image Source - @benjaminpatch


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