We only love once. Ours was rough and bold.

We smoked like a chimney,

We drank like a drain.

We were often too filthy,

Too fucked up to admit our pain.

We looked at tall city scrappers,

Wished we could own one.

With sorrow and passion running through our veins,

We were better lovers than anyone.

We ran the marathon half,

We couldn’t finish it though.

Between the fights we had,

Love somehow outgrew.

Then life struck us,

We started counting pennies and dimes.

We started having what all others had,

But we stopped being fine.

There my love,

I lost you on a rainy night.

You moved out of the house silently,

Without any fight.

We lost each other,

Most importantly, we lost the spark.

Despite the glitz of dollars,

Life was albeit dark.

It was the end of our love story,

It died a silent death.

We never crossed paths after that,

But we were in each other's eternal debt.

We only love once,

Ours was rough and bold.

In the age of one-night stands,

We were old school gold.


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