Rewind - September 2020

2020 is a year like no other. It has changed the way we lived. I read an article in the morning. It said we will not get the life we had in January back. I think the article was published on CNN. It was difficult to accept. The point is - this agony doesn't come with a timeline. We don't know when will we come out of it? Isolation and lack of freedom are taking a toll on people's emotional health. It's very surprising that I have reclaimed myself this year. Even though my life is far from normal. I have understood and accepted - life is not a race. Happiness and peace of mind are the most valued things in the universe. I think I have matured 10 years in one year. Good, bad or worse - 2020 has made me a better person. I hope, one day when I will read this blog entry, I will feel proud of the journey I had this year.

On the writing front, I have written the following:




जाते हुए इक माचिस की डिबिया दे जाते 

आग लगानी थी बचे हुए अरमानों को 


खुद को पाते है किसी अपने को खो के 

इस ज़िन्दगी की रिवायत अजीब है


Be as ready to embrace change as the fragile leave is upon the arrival of autumn.


तरक्की चुप-चाप ही होती है साहब 

शोर तो तबाही करती है


Poets are those fuckers who mend your soul when your life is fucked up.


She is made of madness, sass and stardust.

Reading poetry on a satin bedsheet is the kind of foreplay they crave for.

Intimacy is when I moan your name, you hear it across the 7 oceans.

My idea of romance is to take you on an adventure and lose myself in your arms.


She can do both

Chase her demons away

And chase butterflies on a lazy Sunday afternoon


As a speck of stardust in the universe, we all have the power to do something magical with our existence.


इश्क़ धमाकेदार था

तभी नाराज़गी विस्फोटक निकली


बहुत रातें साथ गुजारी

पर साथ कभी सोए नहीं

इस इश्क़ को क्या समझेंगे लोग

हम तेरे होके भी तेरे हुए नहीं

Bahut raaten saath guzaari

Par saath kabhi soye nahi

Is ishq ko kya samjhenge log

Hum tere hoke bhi tere hue nahi

सुस्त दोपहर के लम्हों में 

तेरे काँधे पे गिरना 

ऐसी नज़दीकियों पे 

सौ रातें कुरबान

Sust dopahar ke lamhon mein

Tere kaandhe pe girna

Aisi nazdeekiyon pe

Sau raaten kurbaan

इश्क़-इश्क़ करता रहा हरामी

और देके गया जानलेवा धोखा

Ishq-ishq karta raha haraami

Aur deke gaya jaanleva dhokha


आँखें यूँ ही भरा नहीं करती 

ये बांध अक्सर दिलों के खाली होने पे टूटता है


  1. The year has taught us a lot and every one has a learning. At least those who live on hope. Keep writing and wishing you the best of everything Saru


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