He left me and my love affair with chai ended

His 1000-watt smile under the dim light of the car made him sexier than he actually was. His 5 feet 11-inch lethal body, almond-shaped eyes and perfect manners made a posh exterior every girl fell for. But I fell for the animal he was. He was honest with me. And I was real with him.

'I missed you,' he said. 'Did you miss me?' he glanced at me while racing the car on Ambala-Chandigarh highway. 'No. I didn't.' I lied. He pressed the accelerator harder only to stop on a secluded road. It was dark already, but his intentions were darker. 'So,' he said while leaping onto my side. 'You didn't miss me.' I looked straight into his eyes but before any word could come out of my mouth, he was inside it. Then he came on top of me. He kissed my neck and inhaled on it.

'You wear the best of perfumes. You know when I led my troop to that village last week, I was buttoning up my shirt and thought of how you smell. Oh, you make me so hard!' He went back to his seat, reclined it and pulled me on top of him this time.

'What if someone comes? You know the kind of crimes that happen these days?' I was genuinely concerned. 'I killed a terrorist with my bare hands and my name is recommended for Shaurya Chakra. You think I can't handle this shit?' he raised his eyebrow with authority. 'You did that for the country.' I replied. 'The country is mine madam and so are you. I know how to protect both,' he said and hugged me tighter. With that line, he made me his. He owned me with that line forever. I was with a man afterwards but I only belonged to him.

We listened to the entire album of Kal Ho Naa Ho thrice that night. We spent the night kissing, telling dirty jokes and promising to be with each other forever.

In the wee hours when we were heading back home, he stopped at a dhaba and offered me a have a cup of tea. When I refused, he said, 'Pe le pahadan kaali nahi ho jaayegi.' And that was the last time I had chai in my life.

He left me and my love affair with chai ended.

*The evocative picture in the post is by a dear friend who is not only an award-winning photographer but also a supremely talented architect. Thanks Rajan for the picture. For his other creative projects, check Mool Foundation - Art & Design Foundation.


  1. Wow. Have loved always your play of words. Brilliant.

  2. Woww amazing saru ji bahut badhiya likhti hain Aap


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