He is heaven I can go to hell for

I unzipped my dress. It fell on the floor revealing my breast with peaked desire. 'Take me to the bed,' I whispered. My inaudible words were clear enough for him to get up from the couch and lift me. I sunk my face into his chest. I heard loud thumpings. Was it my heart beating or his - I'm not sure. I'm not sure of very many things about that evening - I was in a trance - I was f****g high on him.

There are a few things I do remember, though.

I remember, he tucked my hair behind my ear before running the tip of his tongue between my lips and diving into my mouth. Havoc followed next. I won't call it hungry passion - it's just too lame. It was an aggressive tug-of-war. Most of the times, he was winning. For the rest, he let me. Damn, he was a gentleman!

I remember looking into his eyes, placing my hand on his stubble and for that brief moment, there was enough fire in our eyes to burn the city down. Did we burn the city down? No. But the heat in that room led us to undress each other fiercely. There was nothing gentlemanly about him at that time. There was a frenzy. There was silence... only to be broken by slow-moaning of his name. When I did that for the first time, he stopped and kissed me on the cheek.

I remember he breathed on my neck before biting my earlobe, then slowly moved his tongue from ear to neck to breast. How can I forget what he did there? I remember every single thing. Vividly. Warmly. Intensely. So intensely the woman in me craves for the bad boy in that gentleman.

From there, I remember only one thing - his tongue ran wildly on me, inside me and all over me. For a woman who was running sprints all her life, it was a freaking marathon. I never knew a man could last that long.
Minutes turned into an hour, and that hour was heaven I can go to hell for.

When it was finally over,  I felt complete. I remember that, too.

While rummaging through the sequence of the night, I couldn't place an order to them. My thoughts jumped from wet kisses to feeling secure in his embrace - from deep-hefty moans to reassuring whispers of his unconditional love. That man gave me a night of happy confusions. And I will never forget that.

*There are many dark chapters in my life. I try to deal with them with writing. I want to create beautiful things out of the misery I've been through. Civility in comments will be highly appreciated. In case you opt out of reading my work because you feel a girl shouldn't write such things,  please do so by all means. I can't pretend any longer. I also don't want my writing to be influenced by the views of those who don't understand the hard work writers put in their work.


  1. you are super writer "mam,and i am so much influenced by your writing. I am also trying to write my heart out.
    . 'A girl should not write this such things' i can relate that line with myself.��

  2. amazing... feels like someone just pour my heart out


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