To the man who gave me neither his body nor his love

I slipped back into my lingerie,
But I couldn’t feel your touch.
Devoid of any pleasure,
I still loved you very much.

The cocoon I lived in,
Stunted my growth and flight.
I was living in a well-lit bungalow,
But my happiness never saw any daylight.

There were days I was absolutely naked,
Still, why didn’t they see my scars?
I bet they got blinded,
By sparkly diamonds and swanky cars.

I smiled all the time,
I cracked the best of jokes.
I camouflaged pain so meticulously,
No one noticed the embers behind the smoke.

I burned,
I turned into a heap of ash.
I sprayed Chanel No. 5,
Though I was treated like a can of trash.

You knew what wrong you did,
Still, you never apologized.
All I was a glorified maid,
I now realize.

Neither your body nor your love,
Nothing was ever mine.
Yet I treated a dead relation,
Like a holy shrine.

I’m glad you gave me nothing,
Neither on the bed or otherwise.
I’m gasping for sanity now,
I’d have drowned in the sea of your lies.

You took away my youth,
My innocence, my peace.
You left so many demons behind,
And that’s the reason I hardly sleep.


  1. You knew what wrong you did, Still, you never apologized

    My take Saru,

    You always
    felt your were right
    When I am in your sight.
    Stir your conscience,
    and feel your soul's presence.

  2. That's so touching Saruji. More power to you.

  3. Saru, the poem tears my heart and gut wrenching words scything its way deeply in a passionate soul.

  4. Aapki har post itni gehrai me le jaati hai ki main sochti hi reh jaati hu ki inka kaun kaun sa pehlu ho sakta hai
    Hats off Saru ji 😍😍

  5. You knew what wrong you did, Still, you never apologized!
    Saruuu... :)

  6. So well said about the rich lady whose love is unnoticed n ignored


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