Savera by Anusha Mani - A Song that is Poetry in Every Sense of the Word

I rekindled my love for music in October. I'm an insomanic and music is the best company at 2 in the night. I'm alone, heartbroken and at crossroads in life - now imagine the intensity with which I listen to it. But let me brag first - I listen to music with the kind of sincerity and devotion that may surprise you - and I'm very proud of it.

If you will give me a song, I will give you an exact scenario which suits it. No, I don't do - this is a shower song, this is a long-drive song thing - that's amateurish. I do - this is a song I would listen when I'm back from a date, removing my makeup, getting ready for the shower, and humming it like an anthem. Believe me, this is the simplest of scenarios I'm presenting here. My descriptions become more vivid, dirtier and fun. Those who have heard my descriptions would smile if they are reading this post. But this post is not about that. This post is about a song which is poetry in every sense of the word.

I'm talking about Savera by Anusha Mani.

I stumbled upon this song in January. There is a golden rule I follow when I listen to a song for the first time - I just listen. I don't watch its video (but in this case I would recommend otherwise). I don't do any other activity. I just listen with all my heart, soul and ears. So I listened. Once. Twice. At the airport, sitting at the dining table, on the treadmill, while sulking, while making coffee. And once, twice, thrice became 100 times over. Anusha's voice has depth. Actually, no! Her voice is like a vortex that sucks you into it. You will be trapped in the smouldering silky notes of every syllable rhythmically coming out of her mouth. Before you know it, you will be transported to that era where music had depth and lyrics had a soul. No, it's not a complex song. It's a simple song. But boy the execution of it on every parameter makes you a fan. I am. I'm a fan for life as far as this song goes. Wait, you will also be disappointed soon. Because it lasts only 3:49 minutes. Why? It must last long. Sorry, that sentence doesn't come out right. But you get the gist, right? You don't want such a beautiful song to end that soon.

When I mentioned earlier that you must watch the video, it's because Anusha herself is a poem in it. I don't like that about her. You can't be that blessed with beauty and talent. God, if you are listening, that's unfair! In a scene, she touches water and you feel water will turn into liquid gold - with her voice, with her beauty - a golden touch if I may say so. Watch this video for aesthetics, class and presenting a woman in a sophisticated manner in music videos - a rare thing these days.

Lastly, the lyrics of the song is something I aspire to write one day. They are beyond beautiful. I won't comment on the music because the only thing I know about music is 'I love it.' My technical knowledge of music is the square root of -1. Imaginary! I just imagine or guess which instrument is playing.

Listen to this song to experience music on another level. I promise you will not be disappointed. This song will stay with you for a long time. It will carve a special place in your heart and in your playlist.


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  1. This IS so beautiful. The song, the video, the lyrics --- all of it.
    Thank you sharing this beautiful number with us. I think I'll listening to it again. :)

    You keep listening to music and enjoying it. Loads of love and big hugs to you, Saru. :)

  2. Yes the song has engrossing poetry and it does have repeating attributes.

  3. I just stumbled upon this song 2 days back and since then its it the loop. Last night i put Headphones and played this song and few tears drops came right along the second Anusha starts singing. It helps me go deeper in thoughts, examine my situations with different perspective. As i am a Singer and a Composer, i felt an attachment towards this song and maam you have explained it very beautifully. A perfect narration of a perfect song. Like you said how god god can shower so much beauty and talent, thats true. I agree with you. 😊

  4. This song is really beautiful. The lyrics are deep and can eventually turn out to be an additive song. Thanks! 🌸

  5. This song is really beautiful. The lyrics are deep and the visuals gets stuck in mind. Very strong overalls...This song can turn out to be an addictive one.
    Thanks! 🌸


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