Main aur karamjali mombattiyan

I want to share my dukh-bhari story. Let me begin by saying I live in a weird household. Nobody smokes in our family but we have a lighter in the house. Everybody loves candles but no one ever thought of buying a candle lighter. As we all know I do soak-up-my-melancholy-in-the-bathtub wala crap very often. I thought of lighting candles to create a poetic ambience. I mean I was all set. Bas 2-4 Gulzar Sahab level wali shayari pakki thi. Par luck ne saath aaj tak nahi diya, to kal kyun chamatkar hota?

I spent, beep-beep-beep, 10 minutes but no, I couldn’t produce one tiny spark from that lighter. That time mujhe maachis aur maachis wali poetry ki badi yaad aayi. Yeh wali - तुम माचिस की डिबिया पे अपना नाम लिख दो, कम्बख़त बिन जले ही आग लगा देगी! Seriously, never underestimate the power of maachis or the usefulness of a guy who smokes and can light a lighter. Anyway, I did it finally. I was like - you can add fire to words, yeh $8 ki candle kya cheez hai.

My stupidity began the moment I decided to light another candle. But this time I was not up for another 10-minute ritual. I know the time value of money, guys! I took a paper towel, rolled it, lit it from the burning candle to light the second candle. Phir in sultry Rekha ji style I blew the flames off the paper towel. Foooh! And threw it in the dustbin.

I was finally ready to be inspired, write some micro-poetry as I read Poe during the day. Par the fragrance was too smokey for my taste. I felt as if my angst was burning. In a minute, it was so strong, I thought my demons were aflame. It took me few coughs to realize ki ladki me dustbin mein aag laga di hai. Girl, when Rekha ji throws something in the dustbin, 4 spot boys uspe pani dalte hai. Nahi to set pe khade logon ki aahon se shama bujh jaati hain. What the hell was I thinking with that foooh? Then maine chappal maar-maar ke aag bhujai. Poetry, sophistication and ambience died a suffocating death.

Ladies and gents, aur yeh hai wo do karamjali mombattiyan!

Because my family and friends read all my posts to keep a check on me, after this update - candles ko ta-ta bol de, Basanti.


  1. ha ha ha...hota hai life mein aisa bhi hota hai.

  2. hehe that's hilarious Saru. I have a small candle bucket staring at me since last year and time to set it ablaze with mu dhuan wale smoke...dil ke saare aag bhujana hai aur kuch creative kahani. You sound so much like Anushka Sharma in Ae dil and keep bring the words :)

  3. Hahaha nice one ! I'm visiting here after a while, must say the blog looks amazing and your posts are as witty as ever Saruji :)

  4. Even we got lighters to light candles. I didn't even know there is a thing called candle lighter. Love your humour :)

  5. तुम माचिस की डिबिया पे अपना नाम लिख दो, कम्बख़त बिन जले ही आग लगा देगी! nice


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