If soul has a door, mine is open for you all-life-long.

I won't lie. I've been with men. Some flings. A couple of serious relations. But you...damn you! Who knew I would be on the crossroads? My soul would feel parched from all the heat our bodies produced. I'd slow-moan your name in the middle of the day. I'd scroll and read your WhatsApp messages at 2 in the night. I'd run make-belief scenarios of love-making while commuting to work.

No one would believe it all started with one flimsy kiss on my shoulder. You kissed my collarbone softly. And I felt a wild sensation running through the recesses of my body. Parts I never knew existed trembled. I became alive for the very first time in my life. I closed my eyes to feel you inside me. But then you sniffed the back of my neck. Exhaling-inhaling-exhaling. Your warm breath made Peony fragrant than ever before. Chloe became sexy that day. You continued like that for a minute or 2. I opened my mouth a little. Heaved. Breaths became deep. Shallow-deep-shallow. My mind played tricks. My body was on the threshold of consummation. I searched for your fingers to interlock mine. But I didn’t. We continued to stare at the screen in front of us. Tom Hanks was building a fountain for Catherine Zeta-Jones at JFK. I was building my own fantasy. You were building up the mood.

You pulled down my sweater. Kissed my shoulder this time. I turned. Looked deep down your eyes. I wanted to reach your soul and tell it to embrace mine. You looked back like a monk searching for salvation. You interlocked your fingers into mine, rubbed the back of my hand with your thumb and said nothing. Tom Hanks invited Catherine Zeta-Jones for dinner and I thought of having you as a dessert.

We kissed.

We talked on WhatsApp till 4:30 in the morning. I showed my scars - my broken self. You caressed the broken me and promised not to fix me ever. You undressed your soul later. It was raw - burning slowly like a cigarette. I promised to take the ashes and keep it safe with me. We ended the conversation with no baggage. We left it on time. Till our destinies entwine. Till we feel enough fire and decide to free our bodies. But till then, if soul has a door, mine is open for you all-life-long.

Come as you please.

P. S. Posting all the drafts I’ve kept for long. Life is too short to be in saved in folders.


  1. Saru! Like I told you, there is beauty in pain, intimacy racing ahead plotting the eternal love. Effortless writing. Hugs. Do a book year with this amazing narrative.

  2. Emotional catharsis expressed very well!

  3. Loved it thoroughly... Last line n P. S. was cherry on the top.


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