10 Questions About Money Every Couple Should Ask Before Marrying

Money is the least romantic topic in the world. It’s not something you’d like to discuss during the courtship period. But we must talk about it. Talk openly, discuss each aspect and try to understand what your partner thinks about money. Finances must be discussed in advance to have better hold of both money and relationship. The moment a relationship turns serious, practical aspects of it become more vital. Please pay attention to these questions, work on them, so you can have a fulfilling relationship:

1. What is your 5-year or 10-year financial plan?

questions couples ask
Every individual has some aspirations. Be it career-wise or family-wise. As both these are translated and measured in terms of money, ask your partner’s plans and tell yours. When do you plan to buy a house? What are your 10-year goals? How do the both of you plan to save for the down payment for the house? How much salary you both expect to earn in the next 5 years? And, how do you both plan to work towards achieving each one of these goals? This may seem a little intimidating, but discussing your finances in detail with your partner will set a solid foundation for your relationship to grow.


  1. Least romantic hai per kya bina money k koi romance karta bhi hai?
    Questions bahut useful hai, beti ki ma hu isliye ye sab mere liye bahut jaruri tha ki ladke k barey me ye sab pata karu aur satisfied hony k baad hi humne beti ki shaadi ki 😊
    Thanks for spreading awareness 👍👍

  2. I couldn't agree more. This is something we don't realize when we are in our 20s because then emotions matter so much, the practical aspect of a marriage doesn't hit in. All the more when it is a love marriage. I never cared then though I have been fortunate to be able to work out a solid plan over the years. We both started off from zero and worked our way up fortunately due to similar attitudes towards money and savings. I wish more and more couples consider this because when you have existing responsibilities, add to it kids, romance vanishes if there is no money. Its only now I realize my parents were right in saying love only lasts till you are financially comfortable if not filthy rich. great post!


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