How To Find Cheap Fares for Last Minute Travel

Travelling by air is expensive. And if we have to book a flight ticket at the last moment for an important business trip or a family emergency, it can put a big dent in your wallet. Last minute bookings are expensive as it all boils down to demand and supply. But there are tricks that can help us save some money. Use any one or a combination to save money on last-minute flight bookings:

Use apps
Use apps to book flights instead of booking through the website or calling a travel agent. Download the airlines’ app and book through it. GoAir offers 10% when you use their app. Use GOAPP10 on GoAir app to get the discounted price. There are more offers on apps. Plus, it’s easier to surf and book via app. SpiceJet waives off convenience fees and offers free seat selection when you book using their app. Find the link of apps of India’s top airlines below for easy access:

App Link
Air India
Android  and  iOs
Spice Jet
Android  and  iOs
Jet Airways
Go Air


  1. This is gonna helpful to others, will try the apps for sure.Thanks for the info.

  2. Interesting one 👍
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. When last minute travels come up, we have to pay exorbitant last-minute fares.
    Using apps can help.

  4. interesting informative post thanks to sharing

  5. nice article mam,
    i am making a comeback to blogging after an year.

  6. helpful for a travel freak like me..

  7. Oh, this will help. I never knew that using apps of a particular airline could offer discounts for the last minute travel booking. I used to run to their website. Thank you


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