23 Easy Ideas for Millennials to Save Money

It’s fairly easy to earn money. It’s the saving part that becomes tricky. Our expenses, coupled with the pressure of maintaining a lifestyle, take a toll on our investment plans. By the end of the month, there are more bills than money in our accounts. Millenials are under a lot of pressure - to have a big house by 30, brand new gadgets, fancy cars, overseas vacation and what not. This looks daunting. But with little tweaks here and there, it’s attainable. Here are 23 easy ideas that can help millennials to save money and fulfill all their dreams by mid-30s.

Make a monthly budget

It pays to plan ahead. Literally. Set a monthly budget and stick to it. Use your smartphone to keep a tab on your spendings. Download MoneyView app and keep track of your spendings to stay within the assigned limit. Factor in all the costs - rent, utilities, groceries, internet, phone bill, transport, student loan while setting your monthly budget. Link your credit cards and banks accounts to get a clear picture of your finances. Aim to be within your spending limit.


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