14 Easy Hacks to Clean Your Home On a Budget

A spick and span home is every woman’s dream. The joy that comes with organized, spot-free, and functional space is unparalleled. I’ve not mastered this art as of yet. My process is still evolving. I’m finding better alternatives and constantly replacing them with the new ones. After years of experience, I’ve found some house cleaning hacks that work better than most quick-fixes I’ve found on the internet. These are organic and economical ways to clean homes. Don’t waste your money on home cleaning services, use these easy tricks to clean your home at your convenience.

Unclog sink or washbasin with a homemade solution

I’ve bought expensive chemicals, hired professional cleaning services, and wasted many man-hours over clogged sinks or washbasin. If you have lived in rented homes, like I have, you know how common this problem is. Now as a monthly routine, though I never throw items that can block the pipes, I use 2 products available in the kitchen. Mix vinegar and baking soda in equal proportion and this mix instantly fixes the clogged sink.


  1. I fully agree with the fact that clean home makes you feel refreshed and stay healthy. ~ Ayize B


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