Want to Tone Down Your Spends in 2018, Follow These Habits

Did you know the top two topics for New Year’s resolution are health and money related? And did you know that 80% of the resolutions fail by February? What is that magical element that makes a resolution last? Even I’ve struggled to keep up my resolutions. I feel our resolutions fail because we set unrealistic standards and we don’t make a plan. To make resolutions stick, we have to set them in clear terms. To lose weight, the resolution shouldn’t be ‘I will lose 5 kgs in 2018,’ it should be concrete statements like – ‘I will work out 5 days a week,’ or ‘I will not eat after 7 pm.’  These straight and clear-cut statements have a better effect on our psychology. So if you want to tone down your spends in 2018, we have habits that work every single time.

No more emotional spending

We are emotional beings – emotional eaters, emotional shoppers, or emotional travelers. We try to buy happiness when we feel low. It works but for a very short span of time. The moment emotions wear off, we regret our decision. So don’t head out to the mall or order food the next time you feel low. Make a habit to say no to emotional spending. Make a note of it every time to curb a desire. Tally it at the end of the month. You would be surprised to see the amount of money you’ve saved.


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