Love is a marathon

We were 2 lovers,
Who fought most of the times.
I must write a crime novel for us,
Certainly not a rhyme.

The frenzy in our bodies,
The fire in our souls.
Devil must have married Hell,
We only fit these roles.

When I craved rain,
He gave me fire.
What ought to be worshipped,
We lit its pyre.

The two of us,
Made passionate love by the moon.
Talked Rumi till wee hours,
Slept naked till late in the afternoon.

But by the weekend,
Anger steamed from every pore.
And we confessed to everyone,
We couldn't take each other anymore.

This off-on relationship,
Was the talk of the town.
The kind of love,
In which couples often drown.

And we did drown,
Too much passion filled-up our lungs.
We made too many mistakes,
We were way too young.

Love is a brandy-poison mix,
We gulped our portion fast.
We never talked about our emotions,
We let the body did all the talk.

A kiss for a sorry,
A hug to compensate a mistake.
We ran towards an ocean,
When we were not even ready for a lake.

15 years down the lane,
15 years of sifting the pain,
I know love is a marathon,
Not a short-walk on a rocky terrain.

P. S. Just like the marathon, it needs practice, patience, and prudence to build a relationship.


  1. Absolutely sensational poem on the depth and shades of love. You have inspired me to pen something and give wing to my poetry book.

  2. Ha ha.. well said Saru. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience and practice are the key.

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful. I guess this perfectly captures the crests and troughs love goes through in our lives :).

  4. Such a beauty! A lovely rhyme about the marathon of married couples:)

  5. What a lovely piece of writing! <3


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