Stay away from people with dark thoughts

At dusk yesterday
I didn't switch on the lights
I sat till the entire house was in the dark
I looked at all the things -
Bedside tables, sofa, paintings on the wall
Only the edges were visible
I tried hard to see the details
But I couldn't
Even the familiar things were hard to recognize
So I told myself
Darkness can suck everything into it
And make it its own
You have too much strength, beauty, magic inside you
That you're unaware of
Never let darkness come near you
You won't be able to see the good things
Be happy
Stay away from dark thoughts and people with dark thoughts
Especially  people with dark thoughts
Because they are the ones
Who never let you turn on the lights
Making it impossible for you to see the goodness inside

I wrote these two posts last week. What are your thoughts on these two and the poem?


  1. beautiful motivational thoughts thanks for sharing

  2. This poem and every word carries a sheen of positivity and power energy to take darkness away from the soul. Thank you, Saru!

  3. True, darkness sucks everything into it. Beautifully penned.
    Both the verses evoke equal emotions... But the first one is so relatable. Loved them.

  4. A motivational poem. Both the quotes are beautiful.
    As mentioned in the poem darkness ruin the way how we perceive life. A positive poem containing a positive message... Liked it... :-)

  5. You have to think positive thoughts to feel good. And positivity is infectious as is negativity. So yes, stay away from negative thoughts and pessimists. Loved both.

  6. Hi Saru,
    Happy to be here.
    Indeed a well versed write-up
    Yes, darkness diminishes everything around.
    Let's be light in the darkness to reveal the deed of darkness!
    I love the quotes too, but i prefer the first one more.
    Keep writing.
    I am here today via IndiBlogger

  7. It's been really a long time since I read a soulful post like this from your pen. Thanks for writing!

    Someone is Special

  8. This is my favourite subject. I loved the way you illustrated the idea.


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