6 Ways to Get Cheap Flight Tickets for Year-end Holidays

End of December is the time the whole world takes a break. A majority of us travel to make the best of free time. We plan ahead - buy air tickets, make itineraries and book hotels. In case you’ve not done it already. Worry not! Two years back, I went to Miami and booked plane tickets on 28th November and managed to get a great deal. How, you ask? As an avid traveler, who has wasted a chunk of money, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years. To get a cheap flight deal, follow these simple tips while searching and booking flight tickets online:

Browse in incognito mode
When we search for flight tickets, website track our activities. Ever heard of cookies? Websites ask us to ‘enable cookies’. With the help of these cookies, websites track our search history. In case we search the same flight again and again, that website will increase the price based on our history. So the best way to avoid being duped by inflated price is to browse in incognito mode. Not sure how to do it? Here’s how:

Mac - Press Shift + Command + n
Chrome, Windows, and Linux - Press Shift + Ctrl + n 

Once we do this on our operating system, a new window will appear that is set in private mode. Always search in incognito/private mode while surfing deals.


  1. This post is very helpful on how to save and travel smartly to bring joy this festive season. I think if we can travel by trains to two different destinations than plan, it help us in saving and making travel eventful.

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  3. Nice informative and helpful post. Thanks for sharing this very useful stuff. I liked your website.


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