To You, Dear Soul...

Dear Soul,

You've ached,
You've pleaded,
But I'm too worldly wise.
I know how many times you weep,
When I helplessly ignore your cries.
There is a bridge I want to cross,
But I'm too scared.
He can share me,
You, you've never been shared.
You're all mine,
Hence I trouble you this much.
The world judges me,
You, they can't even touch.
The bond we two share,
Breaks countless times.
Thank God, killing your own soul is not a crime.
The day I will place you first,
I will make many foes.
The song he sings for me will turn into a prose.
I promise I will cross that bridge soon,
Sooner than he thinks.
How long can I survive on materialistic things?
Until that day you be as you are.
I may not listen to you,
But you are the reason I've survived this far.

Your Body.

Muddled soul in a tyrant body seeks recourse.
Prisoner for thirty odd years can survive no more.
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