Because your selfies are sexy

There is a thing with dreams - they are yours, and yours only. And there is another thing with dreams - the dirtier they are, the more fun they are to remember. You can wrestle naked in the mud with your beau, and it seems the poshest thing ever. You feel like Woody Allen's heroine who can bare-it-all to show passion. Even I had a dream that was so sensuous my body temperature soared. It was with a man on whom I have a secret crush. And you know the best part - I'm sure he would approve of what all we did. But that's beside the point.

It has been two weeks since our illicit dream and it has been two whole weeks I'm thinking why my brain worked the way it did. I have no repressed fantasies. I have no urges either. Then, why! Oh, why! This dream has been giving me sleepless nights since. Even today, much before my feet touched the floor in the morning, his thought touched every pore of my body. I picked my phone from the bedside and scrolled the Facebook feed. I saw a glimpse. It was his selfie. My heart didn't pound. There were no butterflies in the stomach either. But there was strong urge to step out of my bed and step into his. Damn, he looked sexy. Then and there, while my body screamed ecstasy, my mind found the logic. I'm sleepless from the last two weeks because of you mister. Because your selfies are sexy. Because one look at them and I melt away.

Still, very ladylike, I pressed the like button on your selfie. And walked out of my bed feeling weak in the knees.

P. S. May I sleep well tonight. Or maybe not.


  1. Hehehe I find Bateman's selfies super sexy... Flawless. I don't think you will sleep well for a long time ������ love your writing Saru... So bold and expressive.

  2. Oho Our naked fantasies laid bare. Dreams are strange, quirky and many times confusing. They can be very thrilling too. :) Sort of living out things that you would never dare to even think about in your routine life.

  3. Bold and very nicely articulated post. Enjoyed reading it. Yes sometimes those feelings n dreams takes over the control. I liked the way you have penned those feelings down. Great job. Keep it up.

  4. Ha ha.. one really has no control on one's dreams and that perhaps is the best thing about them. I'm sure Freud would look beyond the selfies and come up with a very good explanation. All I'll say is have fun while they last.

  5. 👍👍 , ek line hi kaafi hai did u sleep well?????
    Like your posts too much 👍👍

  6. True, we have no control over dreams, Saru. Your words are woven in a simple and effortless manner. Not a surprise with all the laurels that you get.

  7. haha that one line in the creative said it all :D

  8. Nice one Saru.. hehe

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