There are very few stories that leave an indelible effect on us. My favorite short story is by Ernest Hemingway -

“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”

It's tragic and painfully beautiful. These 6 words have the power to evoke strong emotions in readers. Most read short story from my feed is -

We bumped into each other in a cafe after 6 years.
He was with his wife and I was with his daughter.

How is this new #TheHashtagStory? Do you like the mix of technology, relationship, and memories in it?


  1. Beautiful stories, both. Poignant. Only one of them tragic.

  2. Poignant tale that carries a huge power.

  3. your hashtag still in love along with Ernest Hemingway made me think. He was married four times. A Man who pens such great literary works and had got noble prize ultimately kills himself due to depression. And death/suicide is a theme he had covered in his writings.

  4. Painful! Few words expressing huge pain :(

  5. So touching and heart-wrenching they are..they stay with you for long!

  6. Powerful are the words that can capture the emotions in their pure form. Your hashtag stories are beauty in brevity!

  7. i loved the format. The stories are really sad.. full of pathos.

  8. Few lines but so powerful !

  9. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading!


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