A home filled with love is never empty

A cozy king-size bed for you
An old cot for some
Turf of manicured lawn
Or a shanty in Mumbai's slum

 A roof is all we need
Add a few luxuries here and there
Then how big is big enough?
Is squandering a meaningless affair?

 Two can live happily in one room
No square feet, no price
Love to wrap yourself in it
Few adjustments and a little sacrifice

 Changed nearly a dozen houses
But I treasure the moments we've shared so far
Not the flat screen TV we own
Or the spacious garage for our car

 Often on lonely afternoons
The homemaker in me longs
For a tiny nook where I can recreate the good old days
Filled with friends and favorite songs

 Though I labor to keep the house spick and span
But it's the mess that makes it complete
Remnants of an evening well spent
With friends, family and treats

 A house is empty without happiness
Things only fill up space
An expensive couch can make the living room beautiful
But it can never brighten the gloomy days

 Yet collect these things together
Turn a house into home
Pick the twigs, leaves, and feathers
Make the house your own

 When you run out of things
Create moments to adorn the place
As a home filled with love is never empty
Without it, it's just an empty space

My corner - I write, read and relax here…

Diwali memories from last year
It takes a lot of effort to make a house a home. We go to extra lengths to make a space our own. Every item is handpicked. I am very picky when it comes to my home. There are certain brands I love. Pepperfry is one of them. It has one of the best collections of furniture and home decor products. But don't rush! I've come across a website that has Pepperfry Coupons - click and buy great products at discounted prices. Decorate your home and save money while at it.


  1. "a home filled with love is never empty
    Without it, it's just an empty space"—truest lines I've ever read.
    It can't be a home without love. Beautiful interior makes a grand house, not home.

  2. Hoem is definitely where the heart is. Beautiful lines, Saru :)

  3. Lovely Saru! Best things in life are simple ones indeed.

  4. Too good poem .No doubt out of all love is most important thing at home .

  5. You are right, love must be there, everything then will be possible.

    Even becoming popular blogger also possible.


    1. Yes, love has such power! It makes everything possible.

  6. So true. I loved the flow of the poem :)

  7. Happiness doesn't live in grandeur, it lives in the heart. Wonderful post, Saru, and I'll check the Pepperfry Coupons out... :-)

    1. What a beautiful thought, Maniparna.

      Thanks for reading.

  8. True "A home filled with love is never empty"...I love the corner where you work. Thanks for sharing

  9. So beautiful,cozy and true!As always I loved your words dear! :)

    1. Thanks, Kokila. It's always good to hear from you. <3

  10. 'Create moments to adorn the place'Very true!

  11. Beautifully penned.. Truly it's all people,memories and moments.

  12. Indeed...it takes a lot to make a house a home. Well captured in your words.

  13. Simple thoughts, Simple words, Incredible Poem

  14. A house is empty without happiness - beautiful lines !

  15. very heartfelt words... will surely check out the website too :)

  16. Beautifully written !

  17. Moments of grandeur and sophisticated shows please the eye - real happiness comes from small moments - memories - togetherness. These virtues make a house, a home.
    Nicely written, Saru.


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