Godrej: Best Hair Color in India

Gray hair leaves no one. It has no mercy and with the kind of stress our generation faces, they surface much before we anticipate. Plus, we have to look good to be a part of the uber cool generation. It’s easy for women to maintain themselves. One visit to the salon and we pamper ourselves from head to toe. For men, it’s a tad bit difficult. Unlike us, salon visits are absent in their life. Women, stress not! There are products that are designed to suit men’s lifestyle. Hair color for men is one such blessing. And one brand that has earned our trust from many many years offers the best hair color solution for men. Godrej is the best hair color in India.

Godrej Expert is a brand for the young at heart. No matter which age group you belong to, it is designed to bring the desired change. India's largest selling hair color, it is used by over four Crore users. Need I say more! It comes with the validation of millions of users who have placed their trust on Godrej for years. So, what are the key features that make it Number 1:

  • Godrej Expert is quick and hassle free. Mix, apply and relax. Yes, it is that simple. In less than an hour, it transforms men into young and confident souls. No drip formula makes the application easy too. Men can take care of their gray hair while watching one inning of a 20-20 match. Cool, isn’t it!
  • It’s beautiful. In addition to the easy application, the results are equally good. Godrej hair color doesn’t damage hair. It is ammonia free hair color which makes the complex chore of hair coloring both fun and easy. Try and see the difference for yourself. One application not only covers the gray strands but also brings the luster back. The colored hair looks naturally beautiful. Hair feels healthy and beautiful after application, not dull and rough.

  • It is easy on the pocket. Godrej hair color doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Unlike other hair care products, it is affordable. Don’t question the quality, though. Godrej has maintained the price and quality to suit the needs of middle-class Indians. They want us to take care of our gray hair and not worry about the price or quality. A win-win on both the fronts.

Godrej has also introduced a  new range - The Expert Advanced - a hassle free hair color in Gel form. The easy hair color that fits in your tight schedule. There is no need to leave it for a long time. It works fast. It’s available in three colors.  The natural black, brown, and burgundy gel hair colors develop much faster and conditions your hair as you color. It saves time and effort. Here are the products from their line of hair color -

Godrej Expert Rich Creme
Godrej Expert Advanced
Godrej Expert Original

Check all the products by Godrej here http://www.godrejexpert.com/

Try the one that suits your hair color needs.


  1. Looks like a great product for men. Very well written Saru.

  2. i have seen some of my known persons use this product and they all are fan of it.

  3. Interesting! My personal experience with it has not been so great but then that was before they introduced this new variant. Time to try out.

  4. I have seen some people and colleagues using this product but thank God , I am not . But a day will come when I would have to use this .

  5. This is a good product. I see my mom using it. They have improved the quality with their new range

  6. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading.

    1. Many a times grey hair is the reason for coloring the hair. But I chose to color my hair to give them some style. Using the big brand to color my hair earlier was my big mistake as it left my hair dry and rough. Recently when I wanted to try a new look and decided to color my hair burgundy, my mom was just not ready to let me go to the salon.

      She suggested me to try her Godrej hair color first. I was not worried as the Godrej Expert's burgandy hair color is ammonia free, and with aloe-vera proteins. The color too came out well and was a smell free experience unlike other chemical based and ammonia based hair color dyes. Since than it has become my favorite and I also suggested my friends in college to try the same too.


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