My Quirky, Qoofy And Totally Awesome Friend

True friendship stands the test of time. We may not talk for months but the bond is unbreakable. One phone call after three months sets the tone right. And, most importantly, friendship is without any constraint - age, gender and background are meaningless in friendship. We make friends throughout our lives. However, there is a handful of them we cherish. They stand with us through thick and thin. These friends show us the true meaning of trust, care, and fun. Over the last few years, one of my friends has become close to me. Bhawana, she is much younger to me, but we share the same vibes. Age seems irrelevant to our relationship. Earlier we lived in different parts of the country, so, our relationship grew over the phone. We met through a common friend. We connected on social media and later on the phone. When she moved close to my town, we met regularly. It was then, our relationship grew beyond the virtual world. Here are few of the times we had fun and connected like never before -

When we bonded on all levels
We all go through tough times. Our friends and family act as a pillar of strength during that phase. For me, as I live far away from my family, friends fill that void. Last year when I was going through one of the worst phases of my life, Bhawana gave me moral support. She is wiser for her age. One phone call and she would reset the good vibes. I shared my problems with her and she listened without passing judgment. She was there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. She gave me her opinions and some very wise pieces of advice. She made those four months easy for me. It was the time when we bonded in the real sense. We discussed every aspect of our lives without holding back a thing. Her presence made that phase easy for me. I have to formally thank her for being there for me, though. A dinner or movie date seems right for it. Now, we know all about each other. It may sound pompous, but we connect on an intellectual level - one connection which is tough to get.

Two quirky heads on New York subway
No friendship is complete without some goofing around. Bhawana and I share our love for books and art. In August, she took me and my husband for Broadway play in New York City. It was the best outing of my life, hands down! I felt, I went back ten years in my life. We had fun like college students. We laughed our hearts out at the silliest of jokes. We ate like pigs. We had the best time with no pretense. I feel, we can be like that only with our closest of friends. Have a look at your SnapChat selfie in New York Subway -

Ms. Too Goody Shoes
I don’t have a sister. Earlier, I envied all the girls who have one. There is some secret pact in sisterhood. They share their lives with each other. Sisters know even the shadiest of details. For me, that space is filled by Bhawana. I treat her like a younger sister. I pamper her like one too. Well, sometimes she pampers to me, which makes the first thing I find adorable about her. Of all her habits, I find her humming the most adorable. Out of nowhere, she starts singing - Da, dum, dum, dum…da, dum, dum, dum! It’s hilarious when she does that at random places, like mall or movie theater. Sometimes, she does that in the middle of a conversation. It irritates me for a second, but she looks extremely cute that I end up smiling at her. Look at this selfie, she sang just after posting it. God only know, why she does that!

Do you have a friend who is goofy, quirky and fun? And, can be the best guide when need be? Well, for me, that is Bhawana.

Zee TV is airing a new show - Yaaron Ki Baraat where celebrity friendship would be put to test. Don’t you just love the name of the show! This show is sponsored by Vivo Smartphone and co-powered by and Brooke Bond Red Label. There will be challenges, tasks or maybe some quizzes to check the level of friendship. I am all in for this show. Maybe, I will borrow a few ideas from the show and test in on Bhawana. Let’s see whether our friendship can stand these tests. By the way, which celebrity friends should come on this show? I want to see Kareena and Amrita. What’s your pick? The first celebrity friends are Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha who will share some off-screen fun anecdotes of their off-screen friendship. To add more to the fun-factor, this chat show is hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh, whose sense of humor is impeccable.

Here’s a peek into a fun-fact you were not aware before -
“Did you know that Big B and Shatru shared a common secretary Pawan Kumar? Shotgun was already a star then but was down to earth and humble and would make Bachchan meet his producer and director friends for work?”

Interesting isn’t it!

For such celebrity insights, don’t forget to Tune into ZEE TV at 8 PM on 8th October.

Check this link for more about this show


  1. But at the same time, relations including friendships survive on communication.

  2. Such friendship, messy, goofy and fun are the best ones and made to be cherished. Har ek special friend Zaroori hota hai!

  3. Understanding is one of the best thing in friendship... U r gifted to have a good friend :)

  4. wowo salute your friendship.. people who have such people in their life are blessed...


  5. So nice to know about your friendship with Bhawana Saru Ji. True friendship truly stands the test of time.

  6. I have one such worthy friend. And this bond of ours has seemingly stood the test of time!
    Good one. Made me remember so many golden moments.


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