Little Girl Who Moved Mountains

he told this little girl
who was busy playing hopscotch
he has seen mountains move
on his watch

she gasped and turned around
her ponytail swung sideways
his desire was to mold a wise girl
out of wet clay

both sat on an uneven porch
her eyes sparkled with awe
she thought they could move mountains
with the help of a big plow

it's all up here
her father gently tapped her head
but to use it better than others
you have to be well-read

still, there are better things
than knowledge, you must know
you need will for that
and the hunger to grow

puzzled, the little girl tilted her eyebrows
it was too difficult to grasp
where did the mountain go?
was dad talking about growing grass?

amused, her father asked her
to name one thing she wants
something too-too big
she couldn't fetch from stores or plants

she wanted a superpower
that would help her to fly at her will
she could skip the 3-hour-drive
and land straightaway at grandma's house on the hill

find a way to do it
put your head, heart, and hands into it
that's how you move the mountains
or reach the summit

it was still gibberish
but she remembered it somehow
head, heart, and hands - to move mountains
there is no magical plow

some ten years later
she used those three to shape her dreams
finally, she understood
what moving mountains mean


  1. Lovely Saru! The words of wisdom are always timeless:)

  2. It's all about the head and heart. All our powers reside in here. Sad part is we mostly don't use even the half of it.

    1. So true. We are absorbed in useless things and fail to notice this truth.

      Thanks for reading, Swati.

  3. Brilliant composition. I love the way you pen small moments. :)

    Do visit me at

  4. Beautifully penned! Couldn't have expressed it any better

    xoxo - Chaicy
    StyleAPastiche. com

  5. really very inspiring and beautiful!

  6. beautiful composition truly it is Saru, as always :)

  7. Loved the title of the poem! Beautifully narrated with an inspiring story. :)

  8. The magic is certainly within us - head, heart and hands..lovely poem, Saru

  9. This was so uplifting, there is something very beautiful about a father and daughter relationship!

  10. Wow! So beautifully weave and indeed inspiring! :)

  11. Head, heart, hands..yes...they can move mountains together. Beautifully expressed... :-)

  12. What an amazing poem! I loved it. This is the relationship I share with my Dad.

    1. I've seen that on social media. Stay blessed and make him proud, Purba. Loads of love <3

  13. i think one of the most beautiful poetry so close to heart and soul ,i can replace that little girl when she was just a little girl but still have to Pursue my dreams

    1. How sweet would that be!

      Thanks for a lovely comment!

  14. Inspiring really!The father sowed the seeds of inspiration in his daughter at an young age.And now she can move mountains!Great thoughts!

    1. Good nurturing is a powerful tool to shape future. Thanks for liking the poem, Subha.

  15. An invaluable life lesson told oh so beautifully in a few lines. Very touching and inspirational. :)

    1. Thanks, Raj. You always say the most beautiful things.

  16. Is that little girl you Saru?....What an inspiring poem....!

    1. Nah, just a random thought.

      Thanks for reading, Sunaina.

  17. Beautiful piece. Exceptionally talks about strength, and that I believe is the most important ingredient.

    Sending you love across the oceans!

  18. Beautiful words..and an inspiring poem

  19. Amazingly written!!! Loved it :D


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