Can you actually save money with DIY?

Earlier I perceived DIY as a hobby people indulge in to fill their free time. It was only after my marriage, I started appreciating the value DIY projects bring. As a couple, we move a lot. We never stay in one place for more than two years and hence, whatever we buy is not an investment. We use a product for a limited time and donate or throw it eventually. We wasted a lot of money in the initial years. And, it was then, I thought of making few things on my own, rather than spending money on it. With time, I learned that DIY is a great tool to save money and also a great way to put your signature in your home decor. Few of the ways I’ve saved money over the years through DIY projects -

Make Fancy and Functional Storage Containers  

Whether we live in a bungalow or in a 1 BHK apartment - space is always a concern. We accumulate things with time and storage seems inadequate. Buying containers to organize things becomes a necessity, both to add organization and efficiency in our homes. Instead of buying overpriced containers to store things, go for plastic containers from dollar or thrift store and paint them to match the home decor. We can go creative and use smart organizational hacks to boost efficiency. Here are few DIY items I find interesting and convenient -

  • Cord storage out of a shoe box - to stack wires and chargers
  • Magnet board out of a tin tray for hanging jewelry and hair accessories
  • Multiply linen storage space by hanging magazine holders inside a closet - stack towels and sheets in it and save space on the shelf

All these items make home neat and organized, and save hundreds of rupees.


  1. sometimes I do things which I can do by myself and yes it saves me money :) Nice ideas Saru :)

  2. I love to make useful things myself, but time is a great hindrance.

  3. I agree with Maniparna...I can think of so many things to make from stuff but they sure are time consuming

  4. Innovative ideas Saru, definitely worth a try :)

  5. Nice ideas. I'll surely try them. :)

  6. Some great tips, Saru. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I do need all the tips .. I make a mess of everything it seems :)


  8. Thank you, guys. Hope these tips come handy.


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