thin waistline and a fat stack of memories

it began on the terrace
with lousy poetry, cold tea, and playful eyes
you unravelled a mystery
to my utter surprise

i am not sure how it started
it sure ended on that auburn paisley sheet
in-between sweet moaning
i felt complete

i dressed up in front of you later
dabbed kohl, tied my hair into a messy bun
draped that cotton saree
playfully making the pleats one-by-one

then you asked graciously
if you could tuck those pleats in
i felt knots and butterflies come alive
the moment your fingers touched my skin

you stood behind as i adjusted the pallu
it was a bout of nervousness for me
to make a lady uncomfortable with silence
was your idiosyncrasy

a million moments i've lived since
moving my fingers on that paisley print
like my life, that sheet, and cotton saree
are immortally linked

the mystery you unravelled
sometime in april noon
a dry-dead day can lit up
without a shower or monsoon

draping saree is an art, they say
undraping too is an art
only a special someone can touch your skin
and leave an indelible impression on your heart

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  1. Wow! Only a true lover can connect to the last few lines. Pure romance!

  2. How sensual your poem is. Just loved it.

  3. Lovely... so beautifully penned :)

  4. Aahh, Truly Romantic <3
    Loved it!!!!!!

  5. Ooooh!!! Such a sensually romantic one! <3

  6. Wow ! Truly Sensual !

  7. That was just beautiful! Brought back a lot of memories from the honeymoon days. ;-)

  8. Gotta try a sari soon ;-) Beautifully written Saru x

  9. Beautiful play of words Saru! I read it first, but could not find a place to comment:(

  10. I could feel the draping nd undraping of the saree. Saree is definitely the most sensuous attire. Good one saru.

  11. Beautiful and sensual poem. You make the sari an art:)

  12. Wow! This is so sensuous yet serene. This is the poetry derived out of the beauty of life. A cotton saree never seemed so beautiful to me. I am draping a paisley printed one today after reading this. :)

    1. Thank you so much for a beautiful comment.

      Only an artist say compliment one work with another.

  13. It's just superb from start till end! Fabulous piece of poetry Saru!

  14. Undraping too, is an art... the subtlety of romance...wonderful, Saru... :-)

  15. woooh.. loved it..
    sensuous and brimming with romance. Love sweet Love :)

  16. You do really manage and have to tug all the heart strings at once, don't you? 🤯♥️😭😭


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