How to Prepare Financially When Changing Jobs

Change often comes bearing a few hassles. It may multiply if you want to change your job. For the lure of better salary or position, most are tempted to jump on the deal without caring about the financial complications it brings. Being married to someone who has changed his job twice in the last five years, I have witnessed the financial complications. We were a little unprepared the first time and here are the lessons we learnt from our experience -

Calculate the Living Expenses

Changing job within a city is not very taxing. At the most, it affects your travel cost. In case you are relocating to another city or country - start by calculating the cost of living using ‘Cost of Living’ calculators online. Ask your friends who are living in the city you are relocating and add 20% to it to arrive at the living expenses. This gives you an estimate to work around your finances. Add this to your current debt or financial obligations. It’s the most important step to prepare yourself on the financial front. Never rush into a job offer before calculating the living expenses.

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