Cool Summers: How Not to Let the Holidays Tear Through Your Budget

As parents are gearing up for the summer vacation and making plans to keep their kids busy and entertained, overspending is a major concern. We want to do the best without burning a hole in the pocket. So, the question is - how to make the best of holidays in our budget? The good news - it’s possible and all it takes is a little preparation and a lot of creativity. With these and following some simple tricks, we can make this summer a memorable time.

Book Tickets and Make Reservations in Advance

After Christmas, summer is the busiest time of the year. The knack of getting a good deal on hotel, flight and activities - start looking for deals in January. Even if you are looking for activity classes for your children, book early. In case you have missed the chance this year, don’t worry! Here’s one trick - try weekdays and skip weekends or public holidays while looking for deals. Another way to get great offers - look for last minute deals online.


  1. A simple yet effective trick! Cheers :)

  2. Quite effective solutions to save money! Very useful! :)

  3. That was the best advice from a multi hat donning Saru, a poet, writer, CA and financial expert:) Am sure you have planned the next holiday already!

    1. Hahaha... I am taking a break, Sir. I am so exhausted with work, planning and traveling.

  4. Effective and practical tips, Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Its fun when you involve other family members and hang out with close friends. And its easy on the wallet too.
    Thanks for the tips :)


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