5 Things You Miss Noticing on Your Bills

What do you do when you see a bill? Read the payment amount or the due date, right? I used to do the same, but on different occasions, I’ve realized that there is much more information on a bill than we can think of. And it’s very useful. Some of it have helped me to save money and other time I was warned of a bad store policy. So, next time you hold your utility bill, restaurant bill or bill from your store purchase - pay attention to the following things -

Date of return on the store bill
We all presume a minimum of 15-day return policy in stores. When the Reebok store opened in Ambala, I was shocked to see that they have a 2-day return policy. Sometimes we buy a gift or it may happen that you find a defect in a product later. To be on a safe side, I prefer to have at least 15-day return policy. Do check the return policy on your bills to cover the risk of defect.

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