Scotch - An Ideal Gift for Men

I love throwing parties and hosting friends. However, I dread going to one. The reason behind this - I am bad at picking gifts. It’s a tedious job. Yes, picking a gift is more taxing than throwing a party. And, if you are looking for gifts for men, the difficulty level just notches up. Don’t you all agree? Watches, ties, wallets, shaving kits, perfumes - these are the only options available. In case you are ready to shell out more money, you can add ‘electronics’ to this list. But wait, before you lose any hope of making an impact on the men in your lives, I have found a perfect gift - Scotch. It is sophisticated, classy and timeless. In simple words - it’s luxury packed in a bottle.

Few reasons I vote for Scotch as a gift -

  • It’s elegant and if someone likes to drink, he would be pleased to add Scotch to his collection.
  • It gets better with time. So, you need not worry about the expiration date of this gift. It’s timeless!
  • It is an ideal gift for all occasions - Birthday, Anniversary, Promotion, Diwali or New year. You can never go wrong with a classy bottle of scotch.
  • For health-conscious men, it’s no-fat and low-carb gift. You can show both ‘love and care’ with this gift. Wonderful isn’t it!
  • A scotch bottle is a beauty in itself. It makes a magnificent display even when it’s empty. Gift a bottle and chances are very high that you would see the empty bottle with flower arrangement when you attend the next party at your friend’s place.
  • Lastly, scotch as a gift reflects your polished taste. You can make an impression with this gift. What more one can ask for, right?

In an event by United Spirits Limited in Mumbai earlier this month celebrities Lisa Haydon, Chitrangada Singh and Shibani Dandekar unveiled the Scotch Whiskey Collection. And, with that they have added an elegant gifting option for men. There are renowned labels, like VAT69, Black & White and Black Dog in this collection.

Read what Lisa Haydon says about Scotch Whiskey Collection,

"I believe we have solved the dilemma of gifting for men. Earlier it was a task to find the right gift for the right occasion, but the Scotch Whisky Collection is the ideal gift for all occasions. All men appreciate their Scotch Whisky and am sure would cherish such a gift."

Gone are the days when gifting was limited to a few occasions. The trend of gifting is picking up in India and with that, one has to explore many options, rather than sticking to the cliches. Try #ScotchAsAGift, choose from the range available at Scotch Whiskey Collection and make a great impression with your gift.

*Disclaimer - Drink responsibly and this post is meant for audience above 25 years.


  1. it is indeed classy, nice post :)

  2. good one Saru! Perfect gift for my husband!!

  3. Awesome. Scotch is always my favorite and the bottles are beautifully created. Nothing beats a Scotch and I am always up for it. I am a Johnny Walker person but next will get myself a Glenfiddich. I have collected a nice Ballantine box and it's awesome:)

  4. One of my husband's fav gift ;);) easiest way to make him happy :) good post Saru

  5. A single malt whisky is also a good gift for this woman!

  6. You are very right Saru. For most men scotch is an ideal gift. But for some, it is very precious and priceless...!

  7. Hmmm I agree as most men will prefer this.

  8. Sounds like a perfect gift for my dad. He'd certainly love it! :) The event pictures are damn happening.

  9. This deal is ideal. I am sure most of the men would be nodding their heads in approval. The collection certainly looks classy!

  10. Men would love such gifts. Elegant and classy.

  11. I wud love it for sureeeeeeeeeee :) I love to collect scotch toooo


  12. @Everyone - Indeed, Scotch is a great gift. Thanks for reading :)


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