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There is no dearth of social media portals on the internet. We all are using 3-4 sites on a daily basis. However, all of them are cluttered with information. There is random content spamming our timeline. Yes, we can streamline our timeline to an extent, but after a point, we are forced to see useless or repeated posts. How many of you feel this way? I am sure, many would nod in agreement. The other day one of my friends was irked by the number of political tweets in his timeline. The answer to this problem is curated feed. We need a website that shows only the content we want, like - movies, sports, health, writing and books in my case. Last week, I stumbled upon Affimity. ‘It’s exactly what I was looking for!’ was my first reaction when I created an account.

The moment I logged in, it asked me to select my areas of interest. I picked my favorite genres and then it showed items that are handpicked for me. I got great articles to read and through Affimity, I interacted with like-minded people. As a blogger, I use Facebook and Twitter to share my posts with my friends and followers. But off late, due to the algorithm change in these sites my content doesn’t reach many out there. At this time, Affimity sounds like a perfect substitute to connect with others who share the similar interests. I shared my latest post on Affimity and I got instant response from readers. What more I could ask for? It’s the best social media site for bloggers.
                       Various sections on Affimity - pick one you like
As bloggers we constantly work towards gaining more and more hits. We want to expand our reach and get feedback from a large audience base. I want to know how westerns react to my humor posts. Do they appreciate the funny one liners or sarcasm? And, to reach to a greater audience of same interest, Affimity is a great medium. When I shared my latest poem, many people beyond my personal and blogger network ‘liked’ it. I was interacting with the new audience and expanding my blog reach. And I didn’t put in extra effort to promote my posts. I just shared it on Affimity and my post was reflected in the feed of people who share interest in poetry, humor and creative writing. Isn’t it amazing!

If you are impressed with the numbers, interaction and reach; create an account and expand your blog reach. And, the bonus is you can access Affimity anytime on your phone, download its app and open the floodgates of meaningful interaction.

Interact with like-minded people, select a genre - read, post, ask a question or run a poll
Affimity’s home page is divided into three sections - My Channel, Featured Channels and All Channels. One can surf as per their interest or mood. You can post status, ask a question and run a poll, and the biggest advantage is it will be reflected in the feed of those who share similar interest and it will generate response. But, don’t think it’s for bloggers only, it’s for everyone who wants to interact with people having similar passions. Try Affimity and connect with me here.


  1. Very Informative Blog Saru...

  2. Looks like a cool site! Signing up right away. I love such websites :D

    1. Me too. And, this one ensures meaningful interaction.

  3. Quite an innovative platform to centralize one's interests. :) I have signed up already!

  4. Looks like an interesting site. Good for bloggers especially.

  5. Affimity is indeed a great thing for like minded bloggers to interact

  6. Hey this is interesting, must check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am quite tempted to create an account in Affimity after reading your post, Saru :)

  8. Sounds like a great platform, Thanks for sharing will try them out :)

  9. Looks like a good platform for bloggers...thanks for sharing, Saru... :-)

  10. Hey Saru...good to see you on Affimity. Catch me on the Travel Channel :)

  11. Yeah, this is a very good portal for bloggers


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