6 Simple Hacks to Save Money when Dining out

As a foodie, I love eating out. It breaks the monotonous dal-chapati routine and satiates my taste buds. But we all know - a fancy meal often comes with a fancy price tag, sometimes I think twice before heading out to eat. However, with time I have found some tricks which have helped me to enjoy a good meal without burning a hole in the pocket. Click and read these tricks, and save money on restaurant bills.


  1. बहुत ही उपयोगी और व्यवहारिक तथ्य।

  2. उपयोगी बातें ... ध्यान रखना चाहियें ...

  3. Cool tips really. We love eating out every now and then.. so these will come in very handy. Especially the "skip the dessert" one. I agree... desserts are always overpriced.

    1. Yeah, overpriced and not so good. Thanks for reading, Raj.

  4. very good pointers Saru mam.. Will keep them in mind :)



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