How Decluttering your Home Saves you Precious Money?

Imagine this - you are getting ready for a party and you want to wear your orange scarf, but even after searching the cupboard for fifteen minutes, you can’t find it. If this has happened to you, the solution is to declutter. Giveaway or sell things that are seldom used and make room for necessary items. Decluttering helps us in making the best use of all items we own and while doing so, we also save money. Click and read these smart tricks on MoneyView blog.


  1. I have a rule, anything that is not used for 12 months is given for charity or way to keep less baggage :)

    1. Good rule. I will add it to my list. Thanks, Shweta.

  2. Great ideas... a must read for my mum! :D

  3. I need to de-clutter my room asap. Thanks for the helpful tips :)

  4. I needed this. I have a tendency to hoard. :(

  5. Right luggage, more comfort in life! The discipline talked of surely helps in this.. Thanks for sharing the Post, Saru!


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