4 Apps That Make My Life Easy

What’s a smartphone without apps? It’s no better than a landline, right! I can’t imagine my smartphone without a few of the apps, which make my life easy and fun. First thing I do every morning is to check these apps. Yes, that’s how I begin my day. These apps are my way to connect with the world on my tiny gadget. I keep myself abreast of all around the globe, communicate and prepare myself for the day using these apps.

Gmail - I work online and to get instant notifications from clients, this app comes in handy. I have enabled push notifications and hence, I never miss a mail. It helps me to be in touch with my work… sometimes also with friends, as I don’t use Facebook app on my phone. So, if anyone wants to ping me on urgent basis, they use gmail. Plus, on android phone, I can download drive, blogspot and calendar, and sync my work and personal life on my mobile.

The Weather App - I am addicted to it. I love checking weather every now and then. Before stepping out of the house, I check this app to make sure - I am wearing proper clothes to shield myself from sun, rain and cold. My addiction is not limited to one city. I check weather of every city which I have ever been to. It makes no sense, but this is my weird stress buster. I love the icons, graphics and background images of The Weather App.

FlipKart Ebooks - Being an avid reader and traveller, I switched from paperbacks to ebooks two years back. I tried Kindle and iBooks, and finally settled on FlipKart Ebook app. I have maintained a library on this app. I read on the go. This app is my best friend. It keeps me entertained, as I don’t like watching TV. It is available offline, which makes it desirable for a person like me, who has not subscribed to any internet data plan.

360 Security Lite App - I downloaded this app after reading a friend’s blog post. Apparently it helped her to clean and improve the battery life of her mobile. ‘Let’s give it a shot,’ I thought. As soon as I opened it, it showed that my mobile performance was far from optimal - it was leaning more towards the slow side of the graph. And showed that I could boost my phone by 65%. Well, that caught my attention. There were 9 apps that were consuming memory and 6 apps were draining the battery. I was not aware that even after closing these apps manually, few features still in the background and drain the battery.

I clicked the icon and my boost hit the optimal level in a few seconds. And my mobile performance increased, and my battery life was improved by close to 2 hours. Wow, that was fast and convenient!

Best part was it guided me to - boost, clean and scan my mobile. It was pretty self explanatory.

Boost - Increases the battery life by closing the apps that are consuming memory and draining battery.

Clean - Helps in removing the junk files. Tap scan and clean; and remove all the junk files on your mobile. Yes, just in two taps you are all set!

Scan - Scan for malware; run the function and under a minute it scans the device and SD card, and makes your mobile virus free.

Later in the day, I deleted SnapChat app. The moment I uninstalled the app, 360 Security Lite showed that my mobile has 4 Kb junk files, which may hamper my memory and battery life. I ran the app and it cleaned my phone. I was not aware of the fact that even after uninstalling an app, it leaves so much mess on the phone. Now, I have saved ‘weekly cleaning’ on this app, to clean and boost my mobile. 360 Security App is the best app to clean your phone, remove all the junk and virus and improve the battery life. It’s a must for android users. If you have one - use this app to make your phone - secure and fast, with better battery life.


  1. I already use Gmail and Flipkart reader app. As weather in Bombay is nothing to worry about, I pass that. This 360 app sounds good! As of now, I use multiple apps for what it does. I'll try it.

    Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. I find Amazon more cheaper than Flipkart in books while browsing from India. Don't know about US :)

  3. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Truly the MUST apps.. have 3 of them right now:)

  5. I only have gmail out of them all. I'm not a phone savvy at all!

  6. Nice list.. I will also download the ebooks app :)

  7. Interesting...must check out the 360 security app. Thanks for sharing

  8. Interesting to see weather-app in your list. I use Accu weather and also check skymet. I am kind of used to it as I love checking it regularly. I am more of interesting in knowing such things. Cheers on that.

  9. Instead of flipkart reader app i use Kindle ,others i am using

  10. So idea is to install 360 Security Lite App and become a smart user !

  11. I use iPhone and the apps that I use are a little different, though I use Google Drive for sure. Other apps that I use and cannot live without are:
    - Wordpress App (I manage my self-hosted websites)
    - Quora
    - Google Drive
    - Google Adsense
    - Google Sheets (most of my stuff is online on Google sheets. I even watch my stocks get updated automatically on sheets)

    There are other business apps which I use. I guess without my phone I will not be able to even move. And, I think this comment is giving me an idea about writing a post myself!

  12. Well being a blogger I like
    Google AdSense to check earnings,
    Google Analytic to check traffic,
    Google Drive for Imp. information storage

  13. Have mail clean and scan need to try others too

  14. I also regularly use Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Saavn and Nimbuzz :D.

  15. Nice and informative post. I also use the 360 Security Lite App and find it very useful.

  16. Everyone - Thanks for your suggestions. Will try the apps suggested by you.

  17. here is my suggestion - sense me/s health/google fit

  18. my must have is Telegram, quick file sharing with my friends and to PC.


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